Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives Policy

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Student Affairs
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Chief of University Police
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All members and visitors to the College.

Policy Statement

Informing College members and visitors of the possession, use, or storing on campus of firearms on campus in accordance with SUNY Policy 5403, "Firearms on State-operated Campuses"


Possession, use, or storing on campus of firearms (including but not limited to compressed air guns, airsoft guns, pellet, or BB guns), dangerous weapons, dangerous chemicals, martial arts weapons (excluding those used by recognized student organizations and that have been modified for use for practice, approved by the University Police Department, registered with the Department of Student Life, and stored securely at an approved on-campus location), explosive devices of any description, knives (excluding standard kitchen knives or folding pocket knives), or fireworks is prohibited. 

Exceptions to this prohibition are for: 

  1. Sworn police and peace officers and military officials to the extent that they are legally permitted to possess weapons in New York State. 
  2. Faculty or staff legally permitted to possess weapons in New York State and who are engaged in weapons-related academic teaching or research activity and whose use the Chief of the University Police Department and the President of the College have approved in writing.
  3. Self Defense Spray Devices in accordance with New York State Penal Law Section 265.20.

Frequency of Review and Update


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Peter Carey

Peter Carey
Interim Chief of Police

Date of Approval