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Insurance (College Property/Personal Property) Policy

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This policy is intended to ensure that students, employees, and visitors have a clear understanding as to the limits of the College’s responsibility for personal property that they elect to bring to campus.

Policy Statement

Personal property brought to SUNY Geneseo’s campus by students, employees, or visitors is the responsibility of the owner should loss or damage occur. The owner is responsible for safeguarding such property, and for maintaining any insurance coverage he/she deems necessary. The College does not carry insurance to protect the personal property of students or employees. This policy includes personal property brought into facilities located on college property that is under authorized control by outside entities.



College Property

The State of New York does not carry insurance on the College’s (State) facilities, equipment, or property. They are self-insured by the State of New York.  Residence Halls owned by the Dormitory Authority and certain individual works of art owned or on loan to the College are covered by separate insurance policies.

Personal Property

Employees are responsible for whatever personal property they bring onto campus. There is no College insurance or other reimbursement procedure, for loss or damage of personal property. The College assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to personal property, even if that loss was caused by the failure of a College mechanical system. 

  1. For individuals who bring items of personal property to campus, where appropriate, we strongly encourage you to obtain private insurance coverage.
  2. In the event that personal items are lost, stolen or damaged, the owner should contact University Police to document the incident officially.

Frequency of Review and Update

Every 5 years

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Tracy Marshall

Tracy Marshall

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