Student Volunteerism and Community Engagement

The Office of Student Volunteerism and Community Engagement provides opportunities for student learning and development through civic and community programming and engagement.

We support service and volunteerism across the campus, in the local community, in the Rochester / Buffalo region, and throughout the United States. We foster relationships between SUNY Geneseo and the community, increase awareness and of society's needs, and work to address pressing issues through volunteerism and service.

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Looking for ways to connect and serve? You can find an internship, volunteer at a one time event, or establish a long term service experience - you tell us what you are looking for and we'll match you with a great opportunity!

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Student Volunteerism & Community Engagement
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The Importance of Volunteering in College from a Student Perspective

My journey with volunteering began back in high school. As a senior, we were asked to choose an organization or business of our choosing and complete a specific number of volunteer hours. I decided to volunteer for a local radio station, WBER, a small nonprofit station in my hometown of Rochester, NY. The connections that I made there led to my future endeavors in helping with the Geneseo radio station, WGSU. As I entered college, I continued volunteering with my fraternity, where we would help raise money for women’s shelters, veterans, and migrant children. One of my most treasured experiences came as a sophomore at Geneseo, where my fraternity members and I dressed up as Santa Claus for an event called Migrant Christmas. The experience I have gained through volunteering has been invaluable to me in my journey through college, and it can be invaluable for you too. But what exactly are the benefits of volunteering as a college student? 

First of all, there is the feeling of satisfaction gained through doing social good. Helping others has a way of improving your mental health and self-worth. Knowing that your actions bring relief and help to those who need it can make you feel more confident in your abilities. The sentiment of “volunteering is good for you and good for others,” rings very true. 

Secondly, there are the practical applications of volunteering, such as bolstering a resume and gaining real world experience. Going out into the world to help others in any capacity will show an applicant's dedication and experience when applying for a position. This was the case for me as a volunteer for my local radio station. As I continue to make strides in the field of broadcast media, the lessons I learned as a volunteer have been invaluable to me both in the field and on a resume. 

Finally, there is the simple truth that volunteering is helpful to society. As human-beings, we have an inherent obligation and desire to help each other. Seeing someone in need and lending them a hand is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. That is why volunteering is important, not only as a college student, but as a person. I hope that my words have helped someone see the value in volunteering, and I hope to see many more people taking up causes to help those around them. 

Jackson Michalski


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