Jim Allen

Associate Professor of Psychology
Bailey 134
(585) 245-5203

Research Interests

  • Social Influence
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Psychology of Happiness.

Links of Interest

Student Opportunities

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Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1993

  • BA, Auburn University, 1983

Selected Publications

  • Allen, J. B., (2017). The psychology of happiness in the modern world: A social psychological approach. Springer Publishing Company, New York.

Recent Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (Psyc 251)

  • Environmental Psychology (Psyc 275)

  • Psychology of Happiness (Psyc 278)

  • Social Psychology (Psyc 350)

  • Selected Topics:  Misinformation (Psyc 390)

  • Advanced Research in Psychology:  Environmental Attitudes (Psyc 452)


  • PSYC 275: Environmental Psychology

    A comparative review and evaluation of current research methods and findings concerning the relationship between the physical environment and behavior. A sample of topics include cognitive maps, seasonal affective disorder, the effects of crowding, heat and air pollution on behavior, and psychological interventions designed to promote more environmentally friendly behavior.

  • PSYC 278: Psychology of Happiness

    This course is an introduction to the empirical study of human happiness and well-being. Topics include how values, personality and social characteristics, attitudes, and cultural and evolutionary variables predict and potentially affect human happiness. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding how and why these variables are related to happiness.

  • PSYC 350: Social Psychology

    A study of the behavior of the individual in the social context, with attention to leadership and small group phenomena, social motivation, attitudes and attitude change. Selected research techniques in social psychology.