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Jeffrey Mounts

Professor of Psychology
Bailey 146
Portrait of Jeff Mounts

Member of the Geneseo faculty since 1996

Office Hours

  • Spring 2022 Office Hours
    • Monday 12:30-1:20
    • Friday 10:30-11:20
    • Or by appointment

Research Interests

Jeff Mounts' research examines how attention modifies visual processing.  His lab utilizes psychophysical techniques to explore topics such as how attention influences the competition between objects for representation in the visual system and how attention impacts processing along the magnocellular and parvocellular visual pathways.

For more information, view Jeffrey Mounts' Curriculum Vitae.

Recent Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
  • Sensation & Perception
  • Advanced Research Methods:  Attention & Emotion
  • Attention

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, Purdue University, 1995
    M.A., Cognitive Psychology, Purdue University, 1993
    B.A., Psychology, The College of Wooster, 1990

Selected Publications

  • McCarley, J.S. & Mounts, J.R.W. (2017). Competitive selection and age-related changes in visual attention. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26, 191-196.

    Mounts, J.R.W. & Edwards, A.A. (2017). Attentional breadth and trade-offs in spatial and temporal acuity, Visual Cognition, 24:7-8, 422-433.

    Hilimire, M.R., Mounts, J.R.W., Parks, N.A., & Corballis, P.M. (2010). Event-related potentials dissociate effects of salience and space in biased competition for visual representation. PLoS ONE 5(9): e12677.

    Kirsh, S. J., & Mounts, J. R. W. (2007). Violent video game play impacts facial emotion recognition. Aggressive Behavior, 33, 353-358.

    Mounts, J. R. W. (2000). Evidence for suppressive mechanisms in attentional selection: Feature singletons produce inhibitory surrounds. Perception & Psychophysics, 62, 969-983.