Sex and Drinking

What you need to know about sex and drinking

  • More than 80% of sexual assault cases on college campuses involve alcohol.
  • In most cases, both parties have been drinking.
  • Alcohol is the #1 date rape drug.
  • Alcohol does not cause sexual assault, but it can impair a person’s ability to make decisions and accurately interpret physical cues.
  • We all have a responsibility to keep our friends, our classmates, and our community safe.

Consent under the influence

How can you establish consent when alcohol is involved?

If someone has had so much alcohol that they’re incoherent and don’t seem to know what’s going on, they may be blacked out and cannot give affirmative consent.

Signs of blackout:

  • Easily distracted
  • May repeat themselves
  • Continually forgets where they are or what they’re doing
  • Unable to hold a thread of conversation
  • Coordination is impaired
  • When in doubt, the answer is “NO”

For more information on affirmative consent see Geneseo’s Sexual Violence Policy.

How to get help

Sexual activity without consent is sexual assault. If you have had an unwanted sexual experience, or if you’re uncertain and just want to talk it over in a confidential setting, please contact:

Other resources

Title IX Office (24/7): 585-502-4581 or file an online incident report
University Police: 585-245-5222 (or 911)
New York State Police: 1-844-845-7269