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Become a Safe Zone Trainer

SafeZone Trainer Retreat 2018

Are you passionate about LGBTQ issues? Do you want to develop your facilitation and leadership skills while making concrete contributions to making Geneseo a more welcoming and inclusive place? Want to get to know LGBTQ & ally faculty & staff and work alongside them? 

Become a Safe Zone trainer

Student Trainers:

Dr. Alice Rutkowski (English/Women’s & Gender Studies) will be offering an academic course that teaches students the information and facilitation skills they need to feel prepared to facilitate Safe Zone workshops. WGST 232: Safe Zone Train-the-Trainer is a 2 credit course, M/W, 9:30-10:20 and students must apply for admission. The link to the student application is listed in Step 1 in this page below.  The class is a mix of content (LGBTQ history, terminology, contemporary issues and problems) and training in public speaking, group facilitation and collaboration.

In the semester that follows (Spring 2021), students have the opportunity to take on a 1-credit internship, where they take on a leadership role in the program. Some of the current roles/subcommittees include Assistant Coordinator, Selection, Marketing and Outreach, Residence Life, and Website Management.

Requirements: students must have a demonstrated interest in (but don't have to identify as) LGBTQ issues; need to have completed at least one semester at Geneseo; must be available the whole academic year for which they apply.  Minimum qualifications for acceptance are listed below. Applications for the training program open on the October 3, 2020.

Any students interested in becoming a Safe Zone trainer during Spring 2021 must successfully complete the course during the Fall 2020 semester. Applications are available now and are due Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 5 pm.  No late applications can be considered.  Accepted students will be registered for the course by the instructor.  

Questions? Email

Faculty, Staff, and Administration Trainers:

All Faculty, Staff, and Administrative individuals who are interested in becoming a SUNY Geneseo Safe Zone trainer should directly contact Dr. Alice Rutkowski in person, by phone, or via email at for more information.

Becoming a Student Safe Zone Trainer: Minimum Qualifications
  • At least one semester of completed full time enrollment at SUNY Geneseo (No exceptions can be made; we need people who are familiar with our campus)
  • Successful completion of the online application including reference and transcript information (see below)
  • Available to serve as a Safe Zone trainer the following semester (without skipping a semester to study abroad, etc.)
  • An interest in LGBTQ+ issues
Student Instructions for Applying Online to the Safe Zone program

Step 1: Complete all questions on the online application
To access the online form, please click the button bar below.    


Step 2: Submit an unofficial transcript *and* your reference information via email to Instructions for creating a pdf file of your transcript are below. In addition to attaching your transcript,  the body of the email should list the names, titles, email, and phone numbers of two people who are willing to be contacted to answer a few questions about you. References are not required to write letters. At least one reference must be a current faculty or staff member at Geneseo (As the current Safe Zone coordinator, Dr. Rutkowski cannot serve as a reference for any applicants).

  1. In a separate window, go to Knightweb and login.
  2. Click the "Student" tab
  3. Click the "Student Records" tab
  4. Click "Academic Transcript" and select "All Levels" as the Transcript Level and "Web Transcript" as the Transcript Type
  5. Then press "Submit" to view your transcript
  6. Go to File and select "Print"
  7. Within the printing option, typically towards the top, find the "PDF Creator" icon or option and click
  8. Under the "Document Title" name the file YOURLASTNAMEtra.pdf and click "Save"
  9. Save it to your desktop
  10. Now that you have your transcript saved as a PDF file on your desktop, attach it to an email to submit along with your reference information

Students who successfully who are selected for the course will be enrolled for two credits of WGST 232 by permission of the instructor.

If you have additional questions about our program, please contact Dr. Rutkowski, Department of English: