Become a Student Athlete Mentor

Look out for our Spring 2023 Application in the Fall!

SARC mentors are volunteer student athletes who offer a helping hand to other student athletes. Mentors are responsible for providing athletes with support in their athletic, professional, and career goals. 

Who are the Student-Athlete Mentor?

  • Current involvement in Geneseo Athletics
  • Demonstrating and developing leadership skills
  • Role model for other student athletes
  • A resource for student athletes regarding information and questions
  • Punctuality with meeting times and office hours
  • One-on-one meetings with student-athletes

Expectations of Student-Athlete Mentors:

  • All student-athlete mentors must be a full-time student (12 credits), a member of a varsity sport, have a GPA of 2.85 or higher and cannot be a first-year student-athlete.
  • All student-athlete mentors are expected to attend the 2 training seminars (approximately a 3-hour session) offered throughout the course of the school year. In addition, student athlete mentors are expected to attend a weekly leadership course, which is posted on Knightweb. 
  • Weekly 1-credit Leadership course (LEA 202).*Please Note: Spring LEAD 202 course is scheduled to be held Tuesdays from 8:30am to 9:20am. 
  • All student-athletes are expected to submit a mid-semester and end of semester progress report each semester.
  • Student-athletes are required to sign up for a minimum of 2 office hours biweekly.
  • Student-athlete mentors are required to team teach at least 1 GOLD workshop per semester.
  • Each mentor is expected to assume responsibility for a project. Mentors may choose a project from a predefined list.

Example Projects: 

  1. Manage Facebook, Twitter and other social media for the Student-Athlete Resource Center
  2. Reach out to students who sign up for one-on-one mentoring session and do not attend (encourage them to attend and offer support in office hours)
  3. Prepare the Mentor of the Month, kudos, etc.
  4. Coordinate one collaborative mentor service project each semester involving the other mentors
  5. Coordinate photography and manage collection with descriptions and dates
  6. Prepare a newsletter to alumni athletes
  7. Organize an event to promote the Student Athlete Resource Center in the residence halls or elsewhere
  8. Serve on advisory committee on volunteerism and service programs
  9. Serve on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Leadership and Service Committee
  10. Serve on the Women's Leadership Conference Committee Meeting in fall participation in Spring
  11. Act as the liaison for promoting one of the following GOLD certificates to student athletes: bronze, silver, gold, onyx, emerald, jade, diamond, opal, amethyst, amber, and business professional development.
  • Student-athlete mentors must take a minimum of 4 GOLD workshops a semester. In addition, all student-athlete mentors must earn their Bronze Leadership Certificate by the end of their first year on the staff.
  • Student-athlete mentors are strictly a peer, a leader, a resource to the student-athletes entering the center. Mentors are forbidden to act as a health professional of any kind to student-athletes entering the center and must be able to direct student-athletes to the appropriate resources if needed.
  • As a student-athlete mentor, you must represent the program, athletic department, SUNY Geneseo campus and surrounding community with respect, integrity and excellence at all times.