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Denise Scott

Professor of


Bailey Hall 239
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Denise Benoit Scott has been a faculty member of Geneseo since 1997.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., University of Massacusetts

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Benoit, Denise. 2007. "The Best-Kept Secrets:Women Corporate Lobbyists, Politics and Power in the United States." Rutgers University Press.
  • Clawson, D., A. Neustadtl, D. Scott. 1992. "Money Talks:Corporate PACs and Political Influence." New York:Basic Books.
Fall 2015 Classes

SOCL 100:
S/Introduction to Sociology

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    The course introduces the basic concepts, principles, and major areas of sociology. Topics include the nature of society, social organizations, and major social institutions.

SOCL 225:
Sociology of Gender

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    This course introduces students to the sociological study of gender in contemporary U.S. society by examining the social structural bases of gendered behavior and gender inequality. Topics include gen
    der socialization, differentiation, and stratification. The course examines gender in institutional structures including the economy, education, law, and the family. Historical and cross-cultural variations in gender are explored as well as variations by race, ethnicity, social class and sexual orientation. Prerequisites: SOCL 100 or SOCL 102 or SOCL 105. Offered every spring
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