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Denise Scott

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Bailey Hall 239
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Denise Benoit Scott has been a faculty member of Geneseo since 1997.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., University of Massacusetts

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Benoit, Denise. 2007. "The Best-Kept Secrets:Women Corporate Lobbyists, Politics and Power in the United States." Rutgers University Press.
  • Clawson, D., A. Neustadtl, D. Scott. 1992. "Money Talks:Corporate PACs and Political Influence." New York:Basic Books.
Spring 2015 Classes

SOCL 210:
Sociology of the Family

    The family as a social institution and social system, including its relationship to other social systems such as the economy and gender. Topics include families in the U.S. and in other societies, the
    history of the family, diversity in family composition, racial, ethnic, and social class variations in family culture and structure, family social policy and legal issues, and contemporary controversies concerning the family. Prerequisites: Any 100-level Sociology course or permission of instructor.
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SOCL 354:
Political Sociology

    This course studies the distribution of power in society. Theories of the state, revolutions, and the political activities of social classes, racial and ethnic groups, genders, gays, and other groups
    are examined. The course also explores how social forces shape policy on issues such as welfare, health care, education, abortion, criminal justice, defense, and unemployment. Prerequisites: Any 100-level Sociology course or permission of instructor. Offered not on a regular basis
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