Lisa Meyer

Associate Professor of Sociology
Bailey Hall 240
(585) 245-6207

Lisa Meyer has been a faculty member of Geneseo since 2001

Lisa Meyer

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Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Emory University


  • Gender and International Development
  • Economic Globalization


  • HONR 394: Capstone Seminar

    The capstone seminar will meet six times during the Capstone year. Students will share their experiences and report their progress to their peer Edgar Fellows and to the seminar supervisors, who will monitor progress. Students will be expected to provide annotated bibliographies, intermediate reports, or other measures of progress. Students will prepare oral presentations based on their Capstone Experience to be given in a public forum. Students must pass this course in order to receive an honors designation upon graduation.

  • SOCL 105: Intro to Global Social Change

    An introductory level examination of changing conditions in the Third World, using sociological concepts. Focus will be on one or more of the following areas: Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This course will emphasize social, economic and political changes that affect daily life and experiences of people in these societies.

  • SOCL 325: Global Social Change

    The course explores the meaning and causes of social change and the mechanisms by which changes occur. Socio-cultural change in historical and contemporary societies, the strategies and tactics of planned social change, and the impact of change on the individual and society are discussed.