Steve Derné

James & Julia Lockhart Endowed Professor (2023-2026)
Bailey Hall 243
(585) 245-6203

Steve Derné has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1993.

For more information, visit Steve Derné's Curriculum Vitae.

Professor Steve Derne

Office Hours

Tuesday & Thursday: 1:40pm-3:10pm

Other hours available by appointment


Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


  • Derné, Steve. 2023."Tantra and Technology: Practicing Wonder in Daily Life (Eat, Walk, Love, See)." Motilal Banarasidass

  • Derné, Steve. 2017. "Sociology of Well-Being. Lessons From India." Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd

  • Derné, Steve. 2008. "Globalization on the Ground. Media and the Transformation of Culture, Class, and Gender in India." Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd

  • Derné, Steve. 2000. "Movies, Masculinity, and Modernity: An Ethnography of Men's Film going in India." Greenwood Press

  • Derné, Steve. 1995. "Culture in Action: Family Life, Emotion, and Male Dominance in Banaras, India." SUNY Press


  • Well Being
  • Mystic Experiences, Peak Experiences & Supernatural Encounters
  • Wonder
  • Wander
  • Religion
  • Emotion
  • India
  • Himalayan Cultures
  • Burma
  • Pacific Islands


  • SOCL 218: Soc of Environmental Issues

    This course deals with the application of social science theory and methods to the study of the ever changing relationship between humans' natural and social environments. Thematic emphasis on Environmentalism as a socio-political, economic movement will inform the course. Topics include an analysis of the historical context of perceived tensions between these two environments and the changing social definitions of nature and environment. Particular attention is given to major environmental controversies and related political struggles of the past two centuries. Additionally, select environmental problems are used as a vehicle from which to explore the nature of sociology' potential contributions to the resolution of environmental controversies. Prerequisites: Any 100-level Sociology course. Offered every year

  • SOCL 302: Sociological Research

    The design and implementation of empirical research in sociology. Examines the logic of social inquiry and the uses and problems of various research designs and methods of data collection. Particular emphasis is on analysis of available data and survey research.

  • SOCL 476: Topic: Animals & Society

    This course may be taken to meet the senior capstone requirement in Sociology. It is an intensive study of a topic in sociology not covered in depth in other courses, or alter-natively, an attempt to integrate two or more paradigms or converging perspectives in the field to be studied. Students are expected to produce a research paper and present findings.