Pre-Tenure Faculty Research Support Grants

In an effort to assist tenure-track faculty whose research and scholarly work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Research Council has established a small grants program for tenure-track faculty who have not yet submitted their tenure package. These awards are supported by the Geneseo Foundation.

Program Guidelines:

  1. All tenure-track faculty members who have not yet submitted their tenure package are eligible for a base amount of $250.
  2. In their application, faculty may also request up to an additional $250 if needed, but these extra requests may require longer for review.
  3. Currently, eligible uses for these awards include: purchases related to your scholarly work (books, software, research materials and supplies); use of the funds for Geneseo undergraduate student wages; and other expenses related to your research.  Note that, until we learn otherwise, conference travel cannot currently be supported and research travel must comply with current research travel guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost.  Salary or wage payments for anyone other than undergraduate students also cannot be supported. These funds can also be used for reimbursement for research-related purchases you have already made, provided that receipts are submitted.
  4. Funds must be spent by June 20, 2023. 
  5. Two deadlines (Oct. 3, 2022 and Feb. 20, 2023) have been established. Eligible faculty may apply for funds at one or both deadlines but will be limited to a total award maximum of $500 until after the second deadline has passed.
  6. If funds remain after the second deadline, an additional call for applications may be issued and all eligible faculty will be able to apply even if they have already received $500, however priority will be given to faculty who have not yet received an award this year, and faculty who have already received $500 awards will be given lower priority.

We have created a simple online application for these awards. Pre-Tenure Faculty Research Support Grant Application FormDeadlines for applications are: October 3, 2022 and February 20, 2023 8 am.