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SUNY Geneseo Summer Faculty Fellowships

The spirit of Geneseo’s Summer Faculty Fellowships is to encourage and support the research, scholarship, performance, and other creative activities of the faculty, which in many disciplines may lead to the development of proposals and applications for external grants and fellowships to continue their work.

Presidential Summer Faculty Fellowships provide new faculty with an opportunity to participate in creative activities or to establish an ongoing research program.  It is expected that the result of this fellowship work will form the basis, in many disciplines, for a larger project for which external funds are eventually sought. Tenure-track faculty employed five or fewer years at the College, and who are returning for the following year are eligible to apply.  Prior recipients of this award are not eligible. The awards of $3,500 can be used for a stipend and/or support.  Recipients who submit a grant proposal to an external agency or foundation, within one year of the fellowship period, will receive an additional support allocation of $500. Awards are supported by an allocation of indirect cost revenues.

Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowships and the Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowship support the research, scholarship, and creative projects of Geneseo faculty who are tenured.  These fellowships are intended to enable completion of a significant project or to embark in a new direction.  It is expected that the scholarly progress of this work, in some disciplines, will lead to proposals seeking external funding.  Faculty members become eligible for the Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowship and Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowship if they have been awarded tenure (i.e. they have received formal notification from the President). Five years must elapse (application to application) before previous summer fellowship recipients are eligible.

Note:  Applications for both the Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowships and the Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowship will be considered in the same pool.  The highest-ranked application will be awarded the Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowship ($5,000).  Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowships ($4,000 each) will be awarded to the next highest-ranked applications. Awards may be used for a stipend and/or support. These awards are supported by The Geneseo Foundation and an endowment gift from the late Dr. Spencer Roemer.

All summer fellowship recipients must devote a minimum of two consecutive months of full time effort, during the summer of 2022, to their fellowship project.  Only those faculty members returning for the following academic year are eligible.  Recipients who elect to use the award as a stipend are ineligible for summer teaching, other paid College activities, and salary/stipends from other grants during this period.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are a noncitizen working in the U.S., please let the Grants Management Office (Erwin 201, x5060) know your visa status prior to preparing an application for a summer fellowship so that they can determine your eligibility to receive funds from the Research Foundation for SUNY or the Geneseo Foundation.

A final report must be submitted promptly after completion of the project or publication of the results.

The deadline for all fellowship applications is February 14, 2022 at 8 am. The second deadline is March 14, 2022 at 8 am.  Applications made at the second deadline will be considered separately from those previously submitted.  Applications to the second deadline for the Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowships will not be considered for the Roemer award.


The complete proposal must contain the following in this order:

  • Project abstract of no more than 150 words.  The abstract should be understandable to an informed layperson.
  • Narrative, including a timetable of activities and expectations of your research and a description of the significance of your proposed project to your field (maximum 5 pages).
  • Bibliography of references cited.
  • Project budget page including stipend, supplies, equipment, travel, etc.  Budgets should total $3,500 for Presidential Summer Faculty Fellowships, and $4,000 for both the Geneseo Foundation Summer Faculty Fellowships and the Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowship.  For the Roemer Fellowship, the additional $1,000 will be awarded as stipend to the faculty awardee unless they indicate that that they would prefer to use it for other expenses.
  • Accomplishments resulting from a prior SUNY-Geneseo summer faculty fellowship.
  • Statement of impact, including plans to pursue external funding with information on sponsor agencies, and/or plans for significant scholarly publications and presentations.  Please include a timetable.
  • Curriculum vita
  • Letter of support from the department chair if significant department resources are needed
  • Letters of recommendation from two individuals who are familiar with your scholarly work.  The letters must address the significance of the work to the field and the ability of the applicant to successfully complete the proposed project.  At least one letter must be from a reference outside of the College. Letters can be uploaded with application, emailed to, or mailed to Sponsored Research, Erwin 202, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454.


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