Meet The Team


Curators are responsible for seeking out and selecting speakers for the event. Responsibilities include promoting speaker applications and conducting talent searches, reaching out to promising applicants, and selecting speakers whose ideas best match the vision and goal of TED and of our TEDx event. Specifically, this entails writing and sending emails to universities and possible speaker applicants, creating applications, reviewing applications, conducting Skype interviews with applicants, choosing speakers, revising and editing talks, and effectively communicating with speakers. Ideal candidates possess strong written and oral communication skills as well as strong organizational skills.


The Sponsorship team is responsible for overseeing the procurement and maintenance of strategic sponsor relationships. Said individuals will work to ensure that all sponsors align with the TEDx brand and are committed to partnering with our event. Applicants should have a strong background in sponsor relations and should be able to effectively identify individuals and companies with the highest potential as sponsors. Essentially, this includes researching potential sponsors as well as communicating (both over email and in-person) with potential sponsors. Ideal candidates will have past experience in corporate relations and/or fundraising, as well as the ability to convincingly and succinctly pitch the TEDx brand to potential sponsors. Candidates should possess strong written and oral communication skills.

Production & Logistics

The Production & Logistics team is responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of the TEDx event. Said individuals will be responsible for organizing and coordinating the event the day-of and will work with other E-Board members to ensure that all aspects of the event are in place and running smoothly. This position requires the ability to both see the big picture and pay close attention to detail, as well as strong organizational and creative skills. In specific, the Production & Logistics team maintains an event budget, creates the stage design, oversees the pamphlet design process, brainstorms break activities, and purchases good for swag bags. Previous background in event production is preferred, but not necessary.

Public Relations, Marketing, & Content

The PR, Marketing, and Content team is responsible for developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the image of TEDxSUNYGeneseo and will work to ensure that said image is maintained throughout the year. The team is also responsible for overseeing and developing the promotion of TEDxSUNYGeneseo, as well as directing the creation of content to be used for all promotional purposes. The team may also be responsible for the development of graphic design and related needs. In terms of responsibilities, this includes writing Facebook posts and events, designing promotional images and flyers, and creating other promotional materials. Ideal candidates must possess strong written communication skills, and be technologically literate as well as creative.


The Technology team is responsible for overseeing the execution of all technical aspects of TEDxSUNYGeneseo. This includes ensuring the coordination of professional-level video and audio production of the event, working with SA Tech and any other outside professionals, as well as working with speaker slides and any other technological needs. Ideal candidates possess a strong background in sound and video tech and production.