Opportunities to Publish

NOTE: Any decision to publish Undergraduate Research should be made in consultation with your faculty mentor.

Geneseo undergraduates may publish articles with their faculty mentors in many journals, but below is a list of journals which focus specifically on undergraduate research.

COPLAC Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis features scholarly and creative work at COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) member institutions across the United States and Canada. The journal is interdisciplinary by design, highlighting work in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts and professional programs.

Journal of Student Research

JOFSR is an electronic, academic, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal. It is available to anyone who browses the JOFSR website on the internet. Article Submissions of all disciplines and subdisciplines are accepted.

Undergraduate Research Journal

Undergraduate Research is a national double-blind, educator-reviewed print and electronic journal published annually in the Winter. The journal is a forum for multidisciplinary undergraduate research and creative endeavors within higher education. The journal follows the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) strategic pillars for undergraduate research and creative endeavors.

Liberated Arts: A Journal for Undergraduate Research

Liberated Arts publishes radical and original student research on a variety of topics, with the aim of helping students participate in our wider academic research community. The journal is interdisciplinary in scope and perspective, and is founded on the academic collaboration between students, faculty and staff.

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship provides an online space for undergraduate writers across the disciplines to share their work outside of the context and constraints of the college classroom. Each issue of Process centers on a topic of contemporary interest to a global audience, fostering critical conversations that traverse disciplinary, cultural, and national borders.