Student Emergency Loan Fund

Camiolo Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF)John and caryn camiolo

The Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF) was established in 2014 by John ’86 and the late Caryn H. ’85 Camiolo, who believed helping others, especially students, when in a moment of need was an essential act of empathy and kindness. A single financial crisis can have lasting effects on student success and even degree completion. This fund answers a student’s call, “if only, I had a little help to ...”. The SELF provides short-term loans to students for situations both temporary and beyond their control.The SELF was established with the expectation that students who use the fund seek to “pay it forward” as soon as they are able by contributing to the fund so other students can be helped, too. While there is not a legal obligation, the donors hope that student loan recipients respect and honor the value of community and helping others in their time of crisis.

Requirements: Students must a) be currently enrolled full-time at Geneseo, b) in good academic and conduct standing, and c) be experiencing financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or unexpected critical incident. Funding is subject to availability. note: Please note: Items not covered by SELF include but are not limited to study abroad costs, fines or tickets (including but not limited to library and parking), non-essential utilities, entertainment or recreation, non-emergency travel, and other non-essential expenses

Process: Students must complete and sign the SELF application form (below) and participate in an interview with the program administrator, Patty Hamilton-Rodgers, which currently will be conducted via zoom,

Application: SELF Fund Application