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2019 NY Business Plan Competition

Venture Works

Finger Lakes Regional at U of R

Companies Selected as Finalists:

PonicHops(Food and AgTech)
Biota Foods Food and AgTech)
Zalara (Energy and Environment)
ZubAir (Military and First Responders)
ArkAngel (Military and First Responders

State Finals at Sage College, Albany


PonicHops (Food and AgTech, 3rd Place)
PonicHops (Food and AgTech, Concept Stage Award)
Zalara (Energy and Environment, Concept Stage Award)

2018 NY Business Plan Competition

Finger Lakes Regional

Finger Lakes Regional at SJFC


Companies Selected as Finalists:

BeaconOn (Products)

The Forgotten Closet (Services)

Volt-Air (Advanced Tech)

State Finals at SUNY Polytech

State Finals at SUNY Polytechnic


Volt-Air ( Advanced Tech, 1st Place, $10K)

Additional Awards: 

Volt Air, NSF I-Corps National, $50K

Verdimine, Nexus-NY Phase I, $10K

Verimine, Technology Assistance Fund, SUNY RD, $40K

Verdimine, Nexus-NY Phase II, $50K

2017 NY Business Plan Competition

April 2017: NYBPC Regionals, hosted by RIT

Finger Lakes Regional at RIT


Companies Selected as Finalists:

Budamundi Lifestyle (Products)
Sondi (Services)
StandUp Leadership (Social Entrepreneurship)
Voludus (Advanced Tech)
Verdimine (Energy Alternate/Finalist)

Group photo at NYBPC Finals, at SUNY Polytechnic.

State Finals at SUNY Polytechnic


Winning Teams:

Budamundi Lifestyle (Products, Esprit de Corp)
StandUp Leadership (Social, Undergrad Excellence)
Verdimine (Energy, 2nd Place)

Voludus (Advanced Tech, 2nd place, LaLaLand Style)

2016 NY Business Plan Competition

NYBPC Regional at SUNY Geneseo, 2016

Finger Lakes Regional at Geneseo


Companies Selected as Finalists:

Floss Fever (Products and Services)
FiveNorth Chocolate (Social Entrepreneurship)
BallHawk (Advanced Tech)
Phoenix Pioneer Products (Energy )
HyperDry (Energy)
Umbellata (Biotech Alternate/Finalist)

2016: NYBPC Finals, At SUNY Polytecnic, Albany

State Finals at SUNY Polytechnic


Winning Teams:

FiveNorth Chocolate (Social, Undergrad Excellence)
BallHawk (Advanced Tech, Undergrad Excellence)
Phoenix Pioneer Products (Energy, 2nd Place)
HyperDry (Energy, Undergrad Excellence)

2016 Award Ceremony at SUNY Polytechnic

2016: Energy Track: Hyper Dry

Energy: HyperDry

2016: Advanced Technology/Nanotech Track: BallHawk

Advanced Tech: BallHawk

2016: Social Entrepreneurship Track: Five North Chocolates

Social Entrepreneurship:
Five North Chocolates

2016: Energy Track: Phoenix Pioneer

Phoenix Pioneer Products

2015 NY Business Plan Competition

April 2015: NYBPC Regionals, hosted by Saint John Fisher College

Finger Lakes Regional at SJFC


Companies Selected as Finalists:

Ashley Parrington Co. (Products)
VisoWorld (Software/IT)
Obiex (Advanced Tech)
TerraPellets (Energy)
TrainSmart (Biotech)
Second Stride (Biotech)

New York Business Plan Competition logo.

State Finals at SUNY Polytechnic


Winning Teams:
Ashley Parrington Co. (Products, Esprit de Corps)
VisoWorld (Software/IT, 3rd Place)
Obiex (Advanced Tech, Undergrad Excellence)
TerraPellets (Energy, Undergrad Excellence)
TrainSmart (Biotech, 1st Place)

2015 Finalist Selection at Regional

2015: Advanced Technology/Nanotech: Obiex

Advanced Tech: Obiex

2015: Biotech Track: TrainSmart

Biotech: TrainSmart

2015: Biotech Track: Second Stride

Biotech: Second Stride

2015: Energy Track: TerraPellets

Energy: TerraPellets

2015: Products & Services: Ashley Parrington Co.

Products: Ashley Parrington Co.

2015: Software/Information Tech: VisoWorld

Software: VisoWorld

2014 NY Business Plan Competition

April 2014: NYBPC Regionals

Finger Lakes Regional
at U of R


Companies Selected as Finalists:

VisoWorld (Products)
Skooloko (Software/IT)
Plastofuel (Energy)