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Geneseo Votes Coalition

2022 Geneseo Village Election (Tuesday, March 15th)

Before heading to the polls, please look up the location of your polling place

Registered to Vote in Geneseo?

  • For off-campus students registered to vote in Geneseo, here are the two local poll sites:

    • For voters in Precinct 1 at St. Mary's Parish Center (13 North St

    • For voters in Precinct 2 at United Methodist Church (4520 St Rt 63)

  • For on-campus students registered to vote in Geneseo, you belong to Precinct 3 and will vote at Brodie Hall. 

For more information about the 2022 Geneseo Village Election, click here. 

The Geneseo Votes Coalition is a Geneseo community-wide coalition created to install infrastructure within the campus community to ease the student voter-engagement process, as well as build and maintain relationships with the Geneseo non-campus community when it comes to civic engagement. Current organizations represented on the GVC are: 

If you'd like to get involved in any of the organizations represented on the GVC, please email them or check out their social media! Please reach out to with any questions about the GVC, if you'd like to attend a meeting, or are interested in having a representative from your club join us for our meetings regularly. 



March 4
Last day for voter to register with the Board of Elections to vote in village election.
March 14
Last day for the applicant or applicant’s agent to personally deliver an application for an absentee ballot to the Board of Elections.
March 15
Polls open Noon to 9 PM.

For help registering to vote and applying for an absentee ballot. Go to College Union, Rm. 114, or e-amil: