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Finance and Administration

Welcome to SUNY Geneseo Finance and Administration. Our Division is proud to be a campus service organization. We work collaboratively across the College, and with others in the SUNY System, to provide budgeting, campus financial planning, campus bill payment, risk management, support of hiring, employee engagement, payroll, benefits, access to resources, facilities, compliance, union relations, grant and program administration, sustainability, restaurants and cafes.  We manage resources with a focus on system optimization for today and in advocacy for a well-planned future.

COVID-19 Information

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employee Information & Resources available here.

Campus Financial Transparency Initiatives

Are you interested in learning more about SUNY Geneseo finances and administration? The Finance and Administration Division and their collaborators offer multiple opportunities throughout the year.

Campus Financial Transparency Initiatives

Who do we support?

Our team members regularly interact with prospective SUNY Geneseo students, hires, faculty, staff, parents, emeriti, vendors, visitors and the broader Geneseo community. We seek to serve numerous administrative needs and to provide useful and timely information as requests for service, both on campus and beyond, continue to evolve.


Internal Control is Everyone's Responsibility

In compliance with the State Governmental Accountability, Internal Audit and Control Act of 1987, the enclosed brochure is part of the College’s legally required, continuous program of internal controls training for all employees.

    • The five specific objectives of Geneseo’s Internal Control program are the:
    • Coordinated achievement of the College’s Mission;
    • Accurate capture, maintenance, and dissemination of institutional data;
    • Safeguarding of assets – including provisions for a disaster plan;
    • Ensuring that programs and operations remain effective and efficient; and,
    • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

    SUNY Geneseo is committed to ensuring its funds and other resources are used in a proper and efficient manner. A “Hotline” has, therefore, been established to provide the user a completely confidential way to report any areas of concern regarding internal controls in their department or throughout the college. For more information, go to Geneseo’s Internal Control website at The Hotline is accessed by clicking the Report Fraud menu item on the left.

    If you have any questions regarding the Internal Control Program, please contact Brice Weigman in the Internal Control Office at 245-5606 or my office at 245-5601.

    Julie L. Buehler
    Vice President for Finance and Administration