Finance and Administration

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Division of Finance and Administration of the State University of New York at Geneseo. Geneseo is a beautiful and exciting place to both learn and work. The Division of Finance and Administration is responsible for keeping the College attractive and functional. Please take the time to browse through this website and visit our departments. As we continue to develop these pages, we hope to provide a variety of interesting information.

Julie L. Buehler
Vice President for Finance and Administration

News & Notices

Doty and Erwin Hall Directory and Office Signs

Replacement inserts for Doty and Erwin Hall directory and office signs can be ordered using the form below. If you have an urgent need or are ordering a large quantity, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at x5601 or email Julie at

Doty and Erwin Hall Directory Inserts

Internal Control is Everyone's Responsibility

In compliance with the State Governmental Accountability, Internal Audit and Control Act of 1987, the enclosed brochure is part of the College’s legally required, continuous program of internal controls training for all employees.

    • The five specific objectives of Geneseo’s Internal Control program are the:
    • Coordinated achievement of the College’s Mission;
    • Accurate capture, maintenance, and dissemination of institutional data;
    • Safeguarding of assets – including provisions for a disaster plan;
    • Ensuring that programs and operations remain effective and efficient; and,
    • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

    SUNY Geneseo is committed to ensuring its funds and other resources are used in a proper and efficient manner. A “Hotline” has, therefore, been established to provide the user a completely confidential way to report any areas of concern regarding internal controls in their department or throughout the college. For more information, go to Geneseo’s Internal Control website at The Hotline is accessed by clicking the Report Fraud menu item on the left.

    If you have any questions regarding the Internal Control Program, please contact Brice Weigman in the Internal Control Office at 245-5606 or my office at 245-5601.

    Julie L. Buehler
    Vice President for Finance and Administration