Construction Projects

Several construction projects are underway on campus that will reshape, resurface, and reform SUNY Geneseo for the better.

Infrastructure Project Milne Library Sturges Hall

*IMPORTANT* The Park Street entrance to the SUNY Geneseo campus will be closed until Fall 2024.
*IMPORTANT* The stairway between the College Union and Sturges Hall will be temporarily closed. Please see the sketch showing the stair closure area.
Click on the image below to see an updated map of roadway and walkway closures.


Walkway Access Description

The northeast walkway between Brodie Hall and the College Circle is closed.

The stairway between Sturges Hall and the College Union is closed.

The walkway between Erwin Hall and Bailey hall, north of the College Green, is closed.

The walkways immediately surrounding Sturges Hall are closed. 

The walkways between Milne Library and Blake Hall are closed. 

SUNY Geneseo successfully secured funding for three multimillion-dollar campus improvement projects that will significantly improve services for our campus community. These major initiatives are funded by the State University Construction Fund (SUCF).

Status updates for each of the projects are below.

College Infrastructure Project

The estimated $10 million improvement project will provide a needed modernization of the infrastructure for that portion of the campus and includes new storm and sanitary sewers, domestic water supply, network infrastructure, and surface lighting.

College Circle between Welles and Brodie Hall has not been upgraded in nearly 60 years. In addition to the subsurface work, the project will result in broader driving lanes, enhanced crosswalks, expanded sidewalks, new retaining walls, benches, improved landscaping, and a new college directory.

This project is currently in construction and is expected to continue for 18 months, with College Drive scheduled to reopen in Fall of 2024, and the entire project scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2025.

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Milne Library Renovation

The Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo is undergoing significant renovation thanks to funding from the State University Construction Fund, financed by the State of New York.

Renovation highlights include large windows with beautiful views of the Genesee Valley, increased seating throughout the library, group study rooms, a brand new events/multipurpose room for campus activities, a new cafe serving a variety of food and beverages, improved traffic flow making it easier for students to grab meals on the go, new and improved lighting throughout the building, and more!

Facilities and library teams are leading the Milne project, and many more are involved in this collaborative effort.

Reopening of the Milne Library is scheduled for the 2024-2025 academic year.

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Sturges Hall Renovation

This prioritized project aligns with our campus master planning and will be the first major renovation of Sturges Hall since the building was constructed in 1938.

Sturges will experience a complete renovation that will remove all interior walls and utilities while preserving historical significance of items such as the auditorium, grand tower stairway, windows, and clock. In addition, the renovated building will have many new classrooms and collaboration spaces, a tutoring center, a testing center, and a historically restored auditorium.

Scheduled reopen during the 2026-2027 academic year.

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