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Nothing would please us more than welcoming you to Geneseo for a visit. Whatever your purpose for visiting the College, we invite you to consider yourself among friends. We hope you will enjoy the time you spend with us. If you have questions or need assistance while on campus, you'll find that just about anyone you encounter will be happy to help you. To schedule a visit to campus, simply call us toll free at (866) 245-5211 or register online with the admissions tours and events calendar.


Everything at Geneseo has the personal touch. You will see evidence of it on neighboring village streets, where well-kept homes reflect the character and personalities of the people within. And you will encounter it on campus—in your residence hall, where your RA will hang large birthday signs and coordinate floor dinners; in the library, where you can check out a laptop and work outdoors on the College Green; and in the Mall at MJ, where they build sandwiches to order one at a time. Getting a lot of personal attention may be a new experience for you, but don't worry, you’ll get used to it.


Geneseo has all the hallmarks of a traditional New England college campus—the collegiate atmosphere, the tree-lined walks, the venerable halls of learning overlooking grassy quads. Even more noteworthy, however, is the traditional spirit of engagement with life that pervades the campus community. Geneseo students approach learning and college life with a down-to-earth practicality, a willingness to roll up their sleeves and get involved, and the intention to make a difference. You will find students living out their conviction that what you get out of life depends largely upon what you put into it.

The Community

Hometown Style

We recommend exploring the Village of Geneseo. Here you will find many interesting shops and restaurants, especially on nearby Main Street.

Combining a lively contemporary spirit with the easy-going ambiance of small-town America, the Village of Geneseo is an ideal setting for living, learning and forming lasting friendships. It's one of less than twenty communities nationwide to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The archetypal hometown, Geneseo has wisely held on to the best parts of small-town American life. Friendly neighborhoods, gracious Victorian homes, and a thriving Main Street are part of the charm of the Landmark Village.

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