Alla Myzelev

Assistant Professor
Brodie Hall 229
Portrait of Alla Myzelev


  • ARTH 174: F/Visual Culture Today

    Visual Culture studies the construction of the visual in art, media, technology and everyday life. Students learn the tools of visual analysis; investigate how visual depictions such as YouTube and advertising structures convey ideologies; and study the institutional, economic, political, and social and market factors in the making of contemporary visual culture. Credits: 3(3-0)

  • ARTH 378: Museum Studies

    This course is intended to acquaint students with museum practices and theory, approaches to scholarly research, business and curatorial practices, connected professional organizations and national and international issues faced by museums. Aspects of display design, museum education, transport of work, as well as study of different types of museums is included in the course content. Prerequisites: ARTH 171 and ARTH 172. Offered every other year

  • ARTH 387: Research Methods in Art Hist

    A study of the history of art history as a discipline and an analysis of diverse art, historical methodologies and theories. Intensive reading and writing, with stress on research skills, writing techniques, oral presentations and class discussion. Graduate school and career options will be explored. Prerequisites: Enrollment is limited to art history majors, art history minors, museum studies minors or students with significant art history background who have received permission from the instructor. Offered every year

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. Queens University, Kingston

  • M.A. York University

  • B.A. Hebrew University, Jerusalem