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Tri-Beta Trip to Baltimore

May 4-5, 2002

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

The Aquarium's shark/ray tank


The dolphin show

Dolphin Show

Andy, Adam, Amber, and Bhishak waiting to get tickets re-issued.

Students waiting outside

Jen, Brandon, and Mike, still waiting....

More Students waiting

Camden Yards before and during game

Camden Yards before the gameCamden Yards during the game

Jan Lovett and Bob O'Donnell

Jan Lovett and Bob O'Donnell

The group

The Whole GroupMore Group Members

Fastball caught in the middle...

Pitch being thrown

The group shot

Picture of the whole group

Front Row: Jen Rojak, Danielle, Bender, Bob O'Donnell, Tammy Dougherty, Bhishak Kamat, Amber Warmsley

Back Row: Brandon Tari, Gregg Hartvigsen, Scott Rudzinski, Adam Aluisio, Andy Brenyo, Mike, Jan Lovett, Michele Crandall