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Tutoring Information for Biology Required Courses

Tutors for General Biology (BIOL 117 and BIOL 119), Ecology (BIOL 203) and Genetics (BIOL 222) are generally available for the fall and spring semesters.  Tutor names and their usual hours will be posted here once known.  Please note that tutoring days, times and/or rooms may change as needed.

Biology Department Group Tutoring for Spring 2020

BIOL 116 General Biology Labs

  • Undergraduate Lab Instructors (ULIs): Dates and times vary.

BIOL 103, 105 and 117/119 General Biology in ISC 131 (Dr. Feissner)

  • Sabrina Gencarelli
    • Tuesday 
  • Cat Steele
    • Monday 600-800 p.m.

BIOL 203 Ecology in ISC (Drs. Apple & Hartvigsen)

  • Katie Toth & Laura Zopf

BIOL 222 Genetics in ISC 115 (Drs. Hutchison & Reinhardt)

  • Lindsey Dressler, Lauren Ellis &/or Tyler Dion
    • Sunday 700-830 p.m.
    • Tuesday 700-830 p.m.
    • Thursday 700-830 p.m.

BIOL 340 Modeling Biological Data in ISC 338/343 (Dr. Hartvigsen)

  • Matthew Cotroneo (Math) & Meghan Parks (Biol)

BIOL 350 Biostatistics (Dr.  Yang)

  • Alex Lai
    • Sunday 400-500 p.m. in ISC 137
    • Tuesday 600-700 p.m. in ISC 229

Other Tutoring Options

  • Center for Academic Excellence
  • STAR-NY Online Tutoring: STAR-NY is a free (for Geneseo students), SUNY-wide online tutoring service. All tutoring is done back and forth on an electronic whiteboard. Tutoring is available in many subject areas   during evening hours when other tutoring sites and services are closed.
  • Biology Department Individual One-on-One Tutor for Hire: Students seeking one-on-one tutoring for hire for other Biology required courses should consult with the course instructor.