Northeast Natural History Conference 2019

Ten Geneseo undergraduate students and two biology professors participated in the 2019 Northeast Natural History Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts, April 12-14. The Northeast Natural History Conference is one of the largest regional meetings for research scientists, natural resource managers, naturalists, and students to share their work on the ecology and biology of the northeastern US. These students presented their original research on the ecology of native and non-native species found in the Geneseo region.

Tulpen Hansen-Schwoebel and Associate Professor Jenny Apple contributed two oral presentations to a total of 154 at the conference. Poster presentations by Geneseo students constituted eight of the 116 total poster presentations at the conference. Rheanna Meier and Jacqueline Zhou won second and third place for the NENHC Student Poster Presentation Awards, respectively (see below). Two out of three award recipients being Geneseo students is a great achievement for Geneseo.



Faculty Advisor: Suann Yang

  • Kaila McKiernan and Catherine Kilada (Poster Presentation) Land Use and Tree Diversity
  • Rheanna Meier (Poster Presentation) Comparing Resource Allocation of Fruiting Native and Invasive Species
  • Evan Burr (Poster Presentation) Competition for Seed Dispersers Between Native and Invasive Plant Species
  • Phoebe Hartvigsen (Poster Presentation) Assessing the Role of Avian Seed Dispersal in the Spread of Invasive Lonicera Seeds
  • Tulpen Hansen-Schwoebel (Oral Presentation) Using ArcGIS to Map the Fruiting Phenology of Native and Invasive Species

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Apple

  • Alanna Richman (Poster Presentation) Relationship Between the Incidence of an Ant-mimicking Spider (Myrmarachne formicaria) and Ant Abundance and Diversity
  • Jacqueline Zhou (Poster Presentation) Display Behaviors in Encounters Between Males of the Ant-mimicking Spider Myrmarachne formicaria
  • Samantha Muscat (Poster Presentation) Herbivory and Arthropod Abundance on Native and Invasive Understory Shrubs
  • Christine Schultz (Poster Presentation) Exploration of Fox Den Family Dynamics using Camera Trap Data