Resources & Recruiting Tips For Accounting Students

Geneseo Accounting applicants—recruiting Fall 2023:


To participate in Geneseo Accounting interviews:

  • It is required all Accounting students (2nd - 5th year) successfully participate in ONE of the Accounting recruiting workshops (2 sessions available: August 30th, 2023 and Sept. 5th, 2023) before applying for openings and interviews with our Accounting partners. Sign up for the workshop via GOLD.
  • Please review all documents and PowerPoints on this webpage to assist you with the Accounting recruiting process.

General policy

  • It is required that all students participate in the above Accounting recruiting workshop annually, as it is updated with relevant insight from accounting partners and processes.
  • Students will be asked to order their own transcripts online via the registrar's office for a cost of $7.50. If you are unable to do so due to financial hardships, see Jessie Stack Lombardo in the Career Design Center. Save your transcript as a PDF in landscape orientation on a desktop so you can upload the transcript to the application.
  • Students interested in meting with a career coach can stop in to Erwin 116 for in person drop-in times:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. For more information and scheduled times please visit our Connect With a Career Coach page.

Student application timeline

  • August — Create or update your resume over the summer. It is expected that you will arrive to the accounting recruiting workshop with a working resume.
  • August/September — Participate in required Accounting recruiting GOLD workshop to get approval for participation. Meet with a career coach in the Career Design Center or Jeff Donlon in the School of Business to have your resume reviewed (this is strongly encouraged), update your Handshake profile at and add your resume as a PDF to the documents tab on your Handshake profile. Be sure to select "visible" so that our accounting partners are able to view your resume. For help with your Handshake profile, email to set up an appointment to meet with a career peer mentor.
  • September/October — Decide which firms you are interested in and apply. You will most likely receive an invitation to interview from the employer via Handshake. Be sure to pay attention to the application deadlines AND the interview scheduling deadlines. If you need permission from a professor to miss a class for an interview, see your professor as soon as possible. Interview links will be emailed to you from the employer the day before your scheduled interview.

If you are unable to make a scheduled interview, please contact the Career Design Center at (585)245-5721 or stop in to Erwin 116 immediately!


Student are encouraged to DROP-IN to Erwin 116 during Quick Chat hours to work with a Career Coach

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.