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CAS Board of Directors

CAS is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of 14 members, 5 of which are current SUNY Geneseo students.  Together, the Board of Directors helps to shape CAS policies such as the annual budget, meal plan prices and policies, corporate mission, terms and conditions of employment, and the development of long-range plans for operations and investments.


The Board always consists of the following:

» 3 members elected by the teaching faculty for a three-year term

» 1 member elected by the non-managerial professional staff for a three-year term

» 3 student members selected by the Executive Committee of the Student Association for staggered two-year terms

» The president of Student Association or his/her designee

» The Director of Inter-Residence Affairs or his/her designee

» 2 administrators selected by the College President for three-year terms

» 2 members of the local business community selected by the President for a three-year term

» The President of the College or his/her designee