Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

  • It is the policy of the State University at Geneseo to require all campus residents to purchase a meal plan each semester.
  • In order for the meal plan to remain tax exempt, the following conditions must be met: the meal plan is non-transferable and is for the individual use of the student to whom it is issued.
  • Food items purchased are for the immediate consumption of the student to whom the plan was issued.
  • Meal plans are nonrefundable. In the case of a withdrawal, or in accordance with NYS policy, a partial refund may be applicable. If applicable, a refund will include the remaining retail dollars balance and prorated unlimited dining plan less a $100 service charge until the midpoint of the semester. There will be no refunds offered after the midpoint of the semester.
  • Because our meal plans are tax-exempt, they are bound by specific tax laws. Meal plans are not refundable and are for the immediate personal consumption to whom the meal plan is issued. Meal plans do not roll over from year to year; however, your retail dollars will roll over from the fall to spring semester. Any money left on the plan at the end of the school year is forfeited.
  • If you lose your ID card, deactivate it immediately by visiting Manage My ID Card.  
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced for a fee at our Business Office in Blake A 108.