Supporting Geneseo

CAS exists to support the college by providing services to the campus community, but we also contribute to the college financially.

In 2019-2020, CAS provided:

» est. $616,675.00 in program funding for the college

» est. $309,359.20 in rent

» est. $26,000 in student and department catering grants

» Up to $10,000 in student employee scholarships

» Various annual donations to departmental and college-related organizations.

CAS also encourages our partners to give back to the Geneseo community. 

Each year:

» Barnes & Noble (operator of the Geneseo University Bookstore) provides up to $5,000 in textbook grants to students

» Crickler Vending provides $5,000 Alumni/Foundation donation

» Crickler Vending provides a paid internship opportunity to a Geneseo student

» Coca-Cola provides $5,000 in student scholarships

» Coca-Cola provides $5,000 in Athletic support

» Coca-Cola supports an annual fund to be used for student scholarship programs as designated by the college President and Foundation