Online Learning

The Center for Digital Learning coordinates with CIT, Milne Library, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Center for Integrative Learning to establish best practices for online learning at SUNY Geneseo, spread awareness of these practices through live conversation and educational events, and produce and curate resources for professional development and student support.

Instructional Modes at SUNY Geneseo

The CDL has developed definitions and best practices to guide SUNY Geneseo in its exploration of online, hybrid, and hyflex instructional modes. These definitions and practices were endorsed by the College Senate on 10 May 2022.

Online Teaching Institute

Since Summer 2021, CDL Associates Joe Dolce, Becky Patt, and Alexis Clifton have led the Online Teaching Institute, a multi-week, cohort-based online introduction to best practices in online course design and pedagogy developed under the direction of CDL Assistant Director for Online Learning Laurie Fox.

Faculty who have successfully completed the institute are listed below.

Name Department Cohort
Elizabeth Adams Languages & Literatures Summer 2021
Ian Alam Business Fall 2021
Nichelle Allen Education Fall 2021
Kirk Anne Business Summer 2021
Jaime Arena Theatre & Dance Summer 2021
Steve Brookstein Business Summer 2021
Shuo Chen Business Fall 2021
Karen Dickerson Communication Fall 2021
Robert Feissner Biology Fall 2021
Jess Fenn English Summer 2021
Sarah Gaudio Geology Summer 2021
Beata Golec Music Fall 2021
Christine Green Education Fall 2021
Jennifer Guzman Anthropology Fall 2021
Rachel Hall English Summer 2021
Bill Harrison English Summer 2021
Sara Irizarry Education Fall 2021
Kelly Keegan Education Fall 2021
Lydia Kertz English Summer 2021
Irene Ketonen Anthropology Fall 2021
Cheryl Kreutter Education Summer 2021
Adrienne Maher English Fall 2021
Jacalyn Malinowski Geology Summer 2021
Julia Masny Geology Summer 2021
Ruel McKnight Chemistry Summer 2021
Elizabeth McManus Languages & Literatures Fall 2021
Chastity Murray Psychology Summer 2021
Gillian Paku English Summer 2021
Sharon Peck Education Summer 2021
Tara Pepis DAPA Summer 2021
Lauren Pereira Education Fall 2021
Amy Sheldon Geology Summer 2021
Alyxandra Sherwood Business Summer 2021
Lytton Smith English Summer 2021
Michelle Staebell Business Fall 2021
Leonie Stone Business Summer 2021
Brandon West Library Fall 2021
Jewels White Anthropology Fall 2021
Thea Yurkewecz-Stellato Education Fall 2021