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Using a human-centered design approach, the Center for Integrative Learning helps students, faculty and staff across all disciplines work towards social impact through a process of integrative inquiry, application of knowledge/skills, and metacognition. An incubator for curricular innovation, the Center serves as a “collision space” for students, faculty, staff and the broader community to collaborate on initiatives of regional and global significance. 

Established in 2018, CIL supports community-facing, interdisciplinary, and reflective models of teaching, learning and research that advance the public good and inspire students to be socially responsible and globally aware citizens. 

Integrative learning describes the method and practice of cross-disciplinary thinking and connection-making that is the hallmark of a public liberal arts education. It is also one of the most vital 21st century skills graduates will need to navigate the ever-evolving workforce and, perhaps most critically, to address the magnitude and complexity of today’s global challenges.

The Center for Integrative Learning also functions as a central clearing house for information about integrative and applied learning opportunities on campus, in the local community and around the world.

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