Integrative Curricular Microcredentials - FAQs

How do ICMs relate to Minors and Majors?

ICMs are designed to be “stackable” and so can overlap with parts of minors and majors; indeed, they may be a productive access route to minors/majors.

Can ICMs receive Financial Aid?

No, unless they are part of other structures that can (e.g. elements required for a major or for Gen. Ed.)

Can slot courses count for an ICM?

Yes, as for any minor/major.

Can students double-count ICM elements? 

Each student must complete a distinct high impact practice (HIP) and self-reflection for each ICM. No more than 4 academic credits can be shared between ICMs; ideally, ICMs should avoid overlap where possible. In some cases, a prerequisite for an ICM might be helpful. 

How extensive/limited can the range of courses/HIPs within an ICM be?

The wider the range of courses, the more mentoring and logistical work there is likely to be for a coordinator. A selective/curated approach to courses is likely to yield a more effective ICM, providing thought is given to ensuring students can complete the ICM in a timely fashion. Ultimately, different ICMs will benefit from different structures and should be designed with learning outcomes in mind.

What expectations can students have relating to availability of HIPs?

We recommend at the design stage identifying multiple pathways to completing the HIP component in order that students have options for completing an ICM. As with any integrative and applied learning experience, the department/faculty/staff member responsible for any HIP should set the criteria for and expectations around student participation.

What are best practices in self reflection?

ICMs tend to benefit from a combination of self-advisement through clear design and iterative self-reflection, whether via a Canvas module, course assignments, a wiki-based or e-portfolio approach, or other disciplinary-specific project. Williams, Woolliams and Spiro’s Reflective Writing (2nd Ed.) offers a concise, practice-driven resource. Please also see our informational slides (slide 7).

How are ICMs assessed?

The coordinator of the ICM will maintain and assess the ICM, in conversation with other appropriate stakeholders such as the coordinators or related academic programs.