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Student Ambassadorship Program

Student Ambassadorship Program

Geneseo Student Ambassador Awards provide up to $5,000 to support change-making, student-designed projects combining independent learning, innovative approaches to problem solving and community-based action. Projects can take place on campus, in the region, or even internationally: wherever you want to make an impact that matters to others. Teams of applicants are encouraged, as are individual applications.


Short "Pitches" are due October 15th via this Google Form. Pitches that most closely align with the above goals will be encouraged to submit a Proposal, due 11/19; Ambassadors will be selected by 12/10 and will take part in a spring 3-credit course, Impact By Design, to learn human-centered design skills and prepare for and implement their projects. Projects should be completed by the end of Fall 2022 or before graduation, whichever is sooner.

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