Circus Club Archive: Past Events and Workshops

Wednesday, September 20th: Demo Night! Meet us on the Green at 7:30pm for some demonstrations! We'll spend a half-hour or so teaching the basics of juggling, poi, diabolo, and devil sticks. Once it gets dark, we'll break out the LEDs and do a little improvisation. Beginners encouraged to come learn, experts encouraged to come show off (and teach us)!

Wednesday, September 27th: Juggling Workshop with Madeline: The focus tonight is juggling. Of course, you are always welcome to come and practice your begleri or hooping or anything while the workshop is going on. Madeline will be teaching the basics of juggling, plus some three-ball performance tricks, once you've gotten the hang of the basics. Balls are provided! If clubs are more your style, Juniper will also be there to teach (and learn) three club juggling.

Friday, September 29th: The Great DuBois Show, with GLK! We're helping sponsor a sweet professional performance titled The Great DuBois Show! Some of us got to watch two of the performers last year, and we thought they were fantastic. 10/10, would watch again. Geneseo Late Knight is totally rad. Funded by mandatory student activity fees.

Wednesday, October 4th: Hooping Workshop with Juniper: It's time for some hula hooping! Whether you're just starting to hula hoop around your waist, or continuing to learn isolations, Juniper and Hannah are ready to teach you the next step. Hoops of varying sizes are provided, but if you have your own that you like, we encourage you to bring yours!

Wednesday, October 11th: Unicycle Workshop with Xavier!

Wednesday, October 18th: Poi Workshop with Juniper: Let's learn some poi! Our workshop presenters have preferences for butterflies or three-beat-weave, so come on in and take your pick of what you'd like to start with. Or, if you already know which trick you're looking to improve, bring that along. We've got some scarf poi, some contact poi, some LEDs, and (of course) socks to choose from!

Wednesday, October 25th: Chillin' like a Spinnin' Villain: Costumes are encouraged, preferably really rough DIY costumes of your favorite villain! Tonight, we'll be focusing on some of the props that spin. Drop in for some improvised hula-hooping! Consider jumping into a candy corn juggling contest to win pride and glory (and more candy corn), or picking up a diabolo and giving it your best shot. There may be gourd juggling too, wink wink, nudge nudge...! Tonight will really just be a night of hanging out and playing around, so come on by whenever you can.

Wednesday, November 1st: No Meeting! Unfortunately there will be NO MEETING this Wednesday. However, don't fear! You can still get your weekly dose of Circus Club at the workshop during Geneseo Fringe Festival!

Thursday, November 2nd, 6:30pm: Fringe Festival: Circus Club will be hosting a juggling workshop in the Fireside Lounge as part of the Geneseo Fringe Festival. Come learn how to juggle or teach your friends! Make sure to also check out all the other exhibits at the Fringe Fest this Thursday, a lot of Geneseo students will be showcasing their hard work and talent. We'll be there until 7:00pm, come through!

Wednesday, November 8th: Chill Night: It's the middle of the semester, and we know everyone is pooped. Come by anytime for a casual juggle / casual hooping session!

Wednesday, November 15th: Choreography Night! Come by to help choreograph for our performance at Holiday Jubilee, or show up to be included in the performance!

Wednesday, November 22nd: Thanksgiving Break! Practice on your own! Teach your lil baby cousins, or snarky aunts! Juggle some mashed potatoes at the dinner table! (We're kidding. Please don't try to juggle mashed potatoes.)

Wednesday, November 29th: Workshop: We'll be focusing on three ball cascades and three-beat-weaves, but feel free to come by to work on hooping or fans or diabolo, or more advanced tricks. We're happy to offer advice!

Wednesday, December 6th: Juggle Something Other Than Your Finals: Destress during the last week of class by practicing your juggling skills! This is one time where dropping the ball is easily remedied, and no one judges you for throwing everything in the air. Come take advantage of friendly faces and a reasonably comfortable place to hang out.

Saturday, December 9th: Holiday Jubilee: Check us out in our performance at Holiday Jubilee, Saturday, December 9th in the MacVittie Ballroom! Woohoo! We will be ready to go at 10:00pm and we hope you'll be there, too. Also, be sure to check out the husky puppies that will be around the building at the same time, and the whole assortment of other clubs and organizations that will be offering DIY craft activities! Artsy take-home items and an awesome (choreographed!) performance- what more could you ask for?

Monday, December 11th: Your Life's a Mess, Come De-Stress: a Healthguards Event: Come to the MacVittie Ballroom on Monday, December 11th, between 7pm and 10pm! Healthguards is hosting an event with crafts, a photobooth, and some workshops featuring your favorite Geneseo circus club! Hint hint: it's us. Come draw on coloring pages and play with hula hoops!

Wednesday, January 24th: First Night Back, practice night!: Meet us in Bailey 105 at 7:30pm for some demonstrations! Beginners encouraged to come learn, experts encouraged to come show off (and teach us)! We need new photos for our Instagram, so break out the colorful props!

Wednesday, January 31st: We'll be in our new home of Bailey 104 from tonight until the end of the semester, except for a couple of planned unicycle days. Come by and check out our new space, and use the high ceilings to work on those 5-3-1 siteswaps, scarf poi fountains, and maybe learning to spin plates? As always, share the props we've got (we have quite a few), or bring your own!

Wednesday, February 7th: Tonight will feature two unicycles in addition to the usual plethora of props! Come by to get unicycling lessons from Hannah and Juniper! If you show up, we'll teach you to ride. Yes, you will seriously get to jump right on and try it. Yes, that's awesome. Yes, you should come tonight. 

Wednesday, February 14th: Featuring chocolate and unicycles!

Wednesday, February 21st: The unicycles will be back again tonight, but we might also use this night to do the test run for Scrambled Egg Circus. Eggs will be provided! We will be discussing the field trip to the RIT Juggle-In and t-shirts. If you want to be part of the RIT field trip, please email right now to let us know. The goal is to be done with paperwork by early March, so tell us whether or not you're coming by March 1st. Reminder that we would be leaving Geneseo around 9am on April 8th, and returning around 4pm the same day. You would either bring a lunch, or bring money for lunch (we're looking at food options).

Wednesday, February 28th: We held off on the eggs last week, so come by tonight to spin some egg-poi, hone your unicycle skills, and practice whatever talent you've been working on! Unicycle workshop is not tonight, but is coming soon, so pay attention for updates.

Wednesday, March 7th: Unicycles and T-Shirts! If you think Circus Club is awesome, sign up for a shirt. If you think Circus Club is lame and weird, sign up for a shirt, and then wear it ironically, all the time, preferably in public places with lots of Geneseo students who are looking for fun extracurriculars. If you didn't know Geneseo has a Circus Club, we're not really sure how you got to this page, but we're glad you came. You've been missing out on some seriously excellent memes, and you should definitely go look at our Facebook page (Circus Club at SUNY Geneseo) and then sign up for a shirt. We're working out details on how to order the shirts as a group, but if you'd like to order one, send an email to If you're thinking about it, but you want details on cost and shipping and whatnot, send us an email, and we'll tell you what we know, but we won't pester you if you decide not to get one.

Wednesday, March 14th: Circus on your own: Happy Spring Break! Be sure to practice over break so you don't lose the new tricks we know you've been working on!

Wednesday, March 21st: The hoops are making a re-appearance! Come by, same time, same place, to spin in circles.

Wednesday, March 28th: T-Shirt Distribution: The shirts are in! If you ordered one, come by to pick it up. This week is chaotic because of midterms, so we won't be doing a group photo until April. Stay tuned for details. Even if you didn't order a shirt, stop by tonight to work on your club juggling and devil sticks!

Friday, April 27th: Circus on the Green: Circus Club is teaming up with Healthguards to have a series of workshops on the College Green! We don't have elephants (for ethical and monetary reasons), but Sophie the Therapy Dog is planning to make an appearance! Come by anytime between 3pm and 5pm for some casual practice in hula hooping, diabolo, spinning plates, and poi.

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