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Meeting times for Fall 2020 are 7pm on Tuesdays, in the KnightSpot! There is no current schedule for unicycle practice, but contact if you're interested in learning or practicing unicycle.

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Welcome to Circus Club!

We are a collection of students at Geneseo who come together every week to practice our skills. It helps to practice around other people, and sometimes we set aside time to work through a trick as a group.

If you've never picked up a hula hoop or a set of juggling balls, no worries- you're still welcome here. Likewise, if you have a vast arsenal of impressive tricks, always feel free to come by. Beginners and experts alike, we have a place for you.

Circus Club is a casual club, so if your schedule only allows you to come for half an hour, or maybe one week but not the next, have no fear. We're still happy to see you!

Circus Club has a weekly reservation of an indoor location on campus, but if the weather is nice, we try to be on the college green. Sometimes we'll plan ahead of time to meet in Sturges Auditorium, where there's more room to unicycle!

We'll see you soon!

*Funded by mandatory student activity fees*


Disclaimer: we can't allow fire-breathing and/or fire-eating at our practices, because the college frowns upon open flames spewing from people's mouths. If this is something you're interested in anyway, come to a meeting, and we'll set you up with some resources.

Geneseo Circus Club, Fall 2018

Above: a group photo taken during a Circus Club meeting, Fall 2018

Geneseo Circus Club after their Holiday Jubilee performance, 2018

Above: a group photo taken after Circus Club's 2018 Holiday Jubilee performance

Sometimes we goof around outside during the afternoon. Check out this video of us practicing from April 2017! Also, be sure to check out the archive of memes that we have used for advertising around campus.

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Eboard

  • President: Bell
  • Treasurer: Lucia
  • Secretary: Alison
  • Vice President: Parker
  • SA Representative: Rachel
  • Advisor: Gregg Hartvigsen

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Meetings Schedule

We've been planning ahead! Check out our schedule for this semester, if you want a little peek at what is upcoming.

If you have suggestions for something you'd like to see us demonstrate, make, or learn, let us know!

Circus Club Photo Shoot

We need content for our Circus Club Instagram! Plus, who doesn't like to show off their new props and new tricks? We haven't set a date for a formal photoshoot, but come to a Tuesday night meeting, and you'll have the opportunity to star in some quality photos.

Creating a Circus Playlist

We're always looking for suggestions for music to perform and practice to! Things with strong beats tend to work really well, and a little bit faster is usually preferable over a piece that is a little bit slower. If you have suggestions, or if you have a favorite song to dance or juggle or spin poi to, let us know! We can be reached by email at


Some songs to consider, from a variety of genres:


Alice Merton's No Roots
Outkast's Hey Ya
Supermax's Love Machine
Gorillaz's Feel Good Inc.
Pérez Prado & Shorty Rogers' Jumping at the Woodside
David Starfire's Indian Summer
Lindsey Stirling's Elements
Pharrell Williams' Happy (here's an incredible video to start you off)
Lauv's I Like Me Better
Taylor Swift's Shake it Off

Scrambled Egg Circus

We can't officially tell you anything about this (yet!), but we have an event planned in collaboration with people who will provide tasty snacks. That's right- free food, and circus arts. What more could you hope for?


Come to a Tuesday night meeting and ask about this, and we'll let you know what we know.

Community Events

RIT Juggle-In

The 41st annual RIT Juggle-In was April 6th to April 8th, 2018!


If you've never gone before, here's the scoop: it's basically a full weekend, 5pm on Friday until 3pm on Sunday, where a whole bunch of jugglers, unicyclists, hoopers, and diaboloists come together in a gymnasium at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and they teach each other. There are workshops, and competitive games, and a raffle, and showcases, and a professional performance on Saturday night. You can also explore the vendors and t-shirts for sale. The whole thing is a blast!


We planned to go as a club trip this year, but it conflicted with the annual Drag Ball sponsored by Pride Alliance and Geneseo Late Knight, so Hannah, Jess and Wes represented us in their sweet new Circus Club t-shirts. They had lots of good things to say, and Hannah came home with some new three-ball-juggling tricks! 


We strongly encourage you keep an eye out a few months from now to hear when the 42nd Annual RIT Juggle-In will be. Check out the official RIT Juggle-In website (and information from past years)! Or, check out the 40th year Juggle-In celebration video created by RIT Student Life. With any luck, we'll put together a carpool and some gas money (funded by mandatory student activity fees, thank you SA) and we can spend a weekend with some awesome jugglers and their awesome friends.

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabin Fever Cabaret

If you happened to be in Hudson, NY this February, we hope you got the chance to see the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus performance! Their website brags about acts of trapeze, juggling, and sword swallowing, so definitely check out the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus for more information and future performance dates.

Philly Fest

If you were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 6th-8th 2017, we hope you got to check out Philly Fest! If you went, let us know how it was, and if enough people are interested, maybe we can make a field trip out of it next year.


This is an annual event, so feel free to check out more information at the Philadelphia Juggler's Club website, or at the Philly Fest 2017 Facebook page!


If you happened to be in Cambridge on September 22nd-24th 2017, we hope you were able to attend this weekend-long event, hosted by the very same MIT Juggling Club who we team up with for our inventory ordering.


If you didn't get the chance to go, have no fear! This is an annual event! If you'd like to go next year, keep in touch through the MIT Juggling Club Facebook page!


At JuggleMIT 2017, there were 13 world records broken. Check out the Reddit post "World records broken at JuggleMIT 2017" for details and video.

Rochester Fringe Festival

We like to support fellow performers (especially local ones!), and we hope you do too!


Dates for next year's festival will probably be in September 2018.


Check out the official Rochester Fringe Festival page.

Princeton Juggling Club Performance

Unfortunately, it looks like their website hasn't been updated in a while. If you'd like to admire their fun little (themed!) performance trailers and posters, check out the Princeton Juggling Club website!

Local (to 14454) Circus and Juggling Clubs

Strong Jugglers, through University of Rochester: The StrongJugglers Facebook, or outdated Strong Jugglers website

Tuesdays from 7 - 9 pm (May Room)
Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm (May Room)


RIT Juggling Club, through Rochester Institute of Technology

Monday 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (SLC min-gym)
Wednesday 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Fireside Lounge)


Rochester Juggling Club: Rochester Juggling Club Facebook

Sunday afternoons (generally 1pm-4pm) at Village Gate Square in Rochester, NY


Whirly Wednesday: outdated Whirly Wednesday Facebook


Available Supplies

We have props for you to use in meetings! And they're awesome! If you talk to us, we can even arrange for you to borrow some props to practice on your own.

Club Props

  • six juggling clubs
  • five juggling rings
  • eleven juggling balls
  • three juggling scarves
  • two sets of spinning plates
  • a 4" diabolo with fiberglass handsticks
  • one pair of scarf poi

Member-owned Props

all kinds of poi, a collection of hoops of different weights and sizes, at least three diabolos, a couple pairs of devil sticks, additional juggling clubs, two unicycles, a pair of begleri, etc.

Availability as a Show

Are you an RA or Hall Council looking to put on an interesting event for your residence hall? Are you looking for performers for your show?


We love learning new tricks and practicing what we learn, but it's exciting for us to actually perform for a real audience. Likewise, most audiences find us exciting. Send us an email to say hello, and we can see who is available for a little volunteer demonstration of how cool the flow arts are. 


To give you some idea of people and events we've performed and/or led workshops for:


  • ASL Night, with GODA
  • Holi Festival of Color (some very cool photos of the color-throwing, by Keith Walters)
  • Student Organization Expo
  • Livingston Hall Council
  • Second Grade tour groups
  • RKids, a local Geneseo afterschool program
  • Geneseo Fall Family Festival


and more to come soon!

Availability of Information

Whether you're looking to perform Mowgli's Mess or a buzzsaw or a two-handed isolation, we've probably got someone who knows a little about it. We're all learning too, though- so if you come across a trick that you like, and can't quite get it down, bring it to our Wednesday meeting and we can spend some time with it as a group. Sometimes a little outside perspective is all you need. Or, sometimes, a YouTube tutorial is all you need. In any case, we hold Wednesday meetings to learn and to teach- so feel free to stop by, even if it's only once in a while, when you get stuck. If you're super busy and can't come by in person, always feel free to email us at, or check out our Circus Club Resources

Who are we?

We're Geneseo students with an interest in circus arts and flow arts! We have a variety of ages and skill levels, but we all have things to teach and things to learn. We have members majoring in Psychology, Education, Chemistry, English- it's too bad there isn't a major for Poi, because we'd have a couple of those, if it were an option.

Meet the eBoard!

Juniper Tremper, President, Publicity, Webmaster, and Unicyclist-in-Training
Jessica Bansbach, Vice President and Resident Tarot-Card Reader
Madeline Reichler, SA Representative and lovely Juggler
Nick Laurelli, Treasurer and Bee Enthusiast
Hannah Fahy, Secretary and Enthusiasm Coordinator
Gregg Hartvigsen, Advisor