Banner Account Access for Student Workers


Banner Account Requirements for Student Workers

The following requirements must be met by a student and their hiring department in order for the student to access the Banner Administrative System.

  1. Professional employees must NOT sign student workers into the staff member's personal Banner account. 
  2. Students must each receive their own Banner account prior to using Banner.
  3. Students are required to complete the Information Security 101 security course.   Completion of the course includes a certificate and confidentiality agreement form the student must sign and present to the supervisor. CIT will confirm with the supervisor this information has been received.
  4. The student must adhere to the following rules. 
    • The student's Banner account shall only be used to complete work assigned by the hiring department.
    • The student should only access data specific to their assigned work tasks.  They should not, for example, use Banner to access their personal information or the information of other parties they might know unless it is directly related to their assignment. 
      • The Knightweb system is provided for students to access their own personal information.
    • The student shall only use their Banner account during their scheduled work shift on Geneseo owned computers at the office where they are employed.
    • The student shall not share their Banner password with any other person.
    • The student should be notified that all Banner access is monitored.
  5. The hiring department must make the student workers aware of the acceptable usage rules (listed above) prior to requesting an account.
  6. Supervisors must notify CIT to remove student worker Banner access when their employment ends. 
    • Banner access will automatically be removed at the end of each semester by CIT. 
    • For intersession, CIT will lock accounts for students who are returning for spring semester to the same assignment and will unlock the accounts prior to start of classes. Supervisors should have to notify CIT if a student is working during intersession to prevent their account from being locked.

Banner Account Request Procedure

  1. Once the student has met the requirements listed above, the hiring department must submit a Banner Account request via JIRA
  2. CIT will confirm the student has completed ISEC-101 and has a confidentiality agreement on file with the hiring department.
  3. CIT will check for past access violations.  If any exist they will notify the supervisor that Banner access cannot be granted to the student due to a past Banner access violation.  The Dean of Students will be copied on the notification.
  4. A student can appeal an account revocation or account access denial to the Dean of Students similar to a code of conduct action.

Managing Access/Usage Violations

The following procedure must be followed for potential access/usage violations:

  1. Supervisors must investigate any potential access violations.
    1. CIT may report off-hours or inappropriate access to a supervisor as captured via monitoring processes. 
  2. The supervisor will be responsible for making the determination that an access violation occurred.  The supervisor will provide a written report to CIT and the Dean of Students with the determination of their investigation for review and approval. Student workers are subject to both the campus confidentiality policy as well as the policies for student conduct.
  3. If an access violation is identified the student worker's Banner access will be revoked.
  4. Banner access violations will be documented by CIT and the Dean of Students.

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