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Digital Storage Strategy Webinar

CIT has developed a strategy for consolidating cloud storage platforms to improve productivity, collaboration, accessibility, and security for our community. We will be offering several webinars that walk through our project and introduce you to OneDrive and SharePoint.

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LinkedIn Learning: Self-Paced Online Training 

Geneseo students, faculty, and staff have FREE access to the entire LinkedIn Learning training library (over 7,500 courses, and more are added every week) through Geneseo's site license. For more information, visit the LinkedIn Learning wiki page.

CIT Tech Days Archive

CIT Tech Days was a mini-conference offering interesting and informative 50-minute sessions held each June. 

3rd Annual CIT Tech Days June 1 -7, 2023

What are CIT Tech Days?

Mark your calendar for our 3rd Annual CIT Tech Days, a mini-conference offering interesting and informative 50-minute sessions. CIT staff and special guest stars will share technical information, ideas, and "how tos" to help Geneseo faculty and staff learn more about timely technical topics. There will be something for everyone! Please join us to learn more about Brightspace, ChatGPT, password managers, Github, and so much more. 

Episode Guide

Octocats in Time: Github

Starring: Jack Truckenmiller and Bill Jones
Airing: Thursday, June 1st at 10 am
Channel: South 328

Wouldn't it be cool to travel through time or even cross over into another timeline where just a few things are different? With a version control system like Git, you can do just that with your files! This workshop will introduce you to Git as well Geneseo's organization on GitHub.

Muppet Show: ChatGPT

Starring: David Warden
Airing: Friday, June 2nd at 10am
Channel: Microsoft Teams

Beaker and Honeydew have been hard at work in Muppet Labs, cooking up a system to automatically produce new scripts for The Sweedish Chef segments. The fruits of their labor bear an eerie resemblance to ChatGPT and other Large Language Models. How do these work, are they safe for use, and will Waldorf and Statler ever escape the Muppet theatre and find peace?

The Office: Communication Tools

Starring: Laurie Fox and David Blood
Airing: Monday, June 5th at 9am
Channel: Brodie 147

Are you and your colleagues working temporary flexible work schedules this summer? Use Gmail, Teams, and Calendar to share your new schedule and communicate with our campus and beyond. This workshop will offer communication and productivity tips you can use with email, chat and video conferencing, and your digital calendar.

Dru-pal's Drag Race: Drupal

Starring: Ravi Lamontagne
Airing: Thursday, June 1st at 2 pm
Channel: Microsoft Teams

Let us drag race through the most frequently used features in Drupal. Learn how to manage users on your site, the basics of editing pages, solving the mystery behind personal pages and managing the menu.

Parks and Recreation: Printing

Starring: Maddie Herbert and Brian Galliford
Airing: Friday, June 2nd at 2pm
Channel: Microsoft Teams

The SUNY Managed Print Initiative is yielding some significant changes to the way we print here at Geneseo. This presentation will talk about what's changing, when, and what printing will look like starting in the Fall 2023 semester. And if you've been frustrated by printing in the past, yes, we might let you watch us turn off our old print server while eating pork cracklings.

TV Guide: Brightspace Edition

Starring: Joe Dolce and Becky Patt
Airing: Monday, June 5th at 1pm
Channel: South 225


 Join Geneseo's Instructional Designers for a guided introduction to Brightspace, our new learning management system. This workshop will walk participants through the Brightspace and course landing pages to provide a solid foundation from which users can continue their exploration. This workshop is geared toward users who have spent little to no time in Brightspace and intended to serve as a precursor to the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules. 

Women in Tech Special: Charlie's Angels

Starring: Linda Ludlum, Leah Root, Margaret Foster, Anastasia Falcheck, and Alexis Clifton as Bosley
Airing: Monday, June 5th at 2pm
Channel: Microsoft Teams

In an era where most television detective roles were played by men, Charlie’s Angels featured strong women fighting crimes in these leading roles. Join a panel of Geneseo women to discuss their personal experiences working as "Angels" on the front lines of IT, in offices all across the campus.

Halt and Catch Fire: iCloud Keychain

Starring: David Warden
Airing: Tuesday, June 6th at 10am
Channel: South 225

Lee Pace's character on AMC's Halt and Catch Fire famously said "Computers aren't The Thing. They are the thing that gets us to The Thing." In other words, technology should facilitate what we want to accomplish, rathan than existing for its own sake. Come learn how you can take advantage of recent updates to Apple's iCloud Keychain system to reduce the time you spend on Microsoft MFA prompts, so you can get to The Thing.

Signfeld: Adobe Sign

Starring: Paul Jackson and Rachel Beck
Airing: Wednesday, June 7th at 10am
Channel: Microsoft Teams

"No paper forms for you!" Electronic signatures with Adobe Sign can save you time with a trusted, legal E-Signature. We will explain where Adobe Sign can be used and provide some basic demonstrations.

The Mole: Password Managers

Starring: Valerie Smith
Airing: Tuesday, June 6th at 2pm
Channel: South 235

Do you know who (or what) the "moles" are in your life? Bring your Windows computer or Android phone* with you to learn how to identify potential moles and secure your accounts against them using password manager capabilities.

*check out the "Halt & Catch Fire" session if you have Apple devices

Numb3rs: Data wRangling

Starring: Matt Pastizzo
Airing: Wednesday, June 7th at 2pm
Channel: Microsoft Teams


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