Printing at SUNY Geneseo

CIT maintains a fleet of printers and copiers across the campus for use by faculty, staff, and students.


There are no charges associated with using this service. Users are expected to print responsibly, in accordance with the college's sustainability initiatives and with the student print and acceptable use policies.


Our self-help documents on printing can help anyone with a variety of printing issues.

How To Report Problems Or Issues

For questions about printing at Geneseo or other computer related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling 585-245-5588, visiting the HelpDesk in the Fraser Library, or submitting a request through our service desk.

Experimental Space

Are you're interested in learning more about 3D printing and other exciting new technologies?  CIT invites you to visit our Experimental Space.

3D Printing Self-Help

Learn how to submit a request for a 3D print in our 3D printing self-help document.