IT Asset Management (ITAM)


This is SUNY Geneseo’s procedure regarding the purchasing, issuing, and reclaiming of college-owned computer hardware. This procedure applies to all faculty and staff at the college.


Whether funded by a department, the Provost’s office, or by a technology fee request, all computers and their associated peripherals (power adapters and cables, audio/visual adapters, input/output adapters, etc.) are owned by the college, and therefore by the state of New York.

It is CIT’s responsibility to ensure that new computer equipment is quoted with fiscal sensibility and that the proper peripherals are included, on a case-by-case basis. It is also CIT’s responsibility to ensure that when equipment is ready to be returned, that the equipment is processed responsibly, and that peripherals are collected with it.

Purchasing equipment

Full-time faculty and staff in academic departments will receive new computer equipment, pre-configured by CIT, every 4-6 years. Faculty and staff will be contacted individually each Spring by CIT as part of this faculty computer replacement process. Equipment purchasing is handled by CIT for this annual project.

For departmental computer equipment purchases, CIT currently supports and can provide assistance with quotes for, Apple and Dell hardware. Approved quotes should then be submitted to Procurement and Property Control Services for purchasing.

Issuing equipment to faculty/staff

All computer equipment purchased through Apple and Dell is received by CIT Support Services in Newton Hall, where it is inventoried and configured for use. A Technology Support Professional (TSP) will meet with faculty and staff to review and set up new computer equipment. The TSP will also be the primary point of contact for any issues related to this equipment throughout the device’s lifecycle.

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the computer equipment is properly handled and cared for while in use. Any damaged equipment that is returned to CIT may need to be replaced or repaired at department cost.

Equipment lifecycle

Computer systems must abide by campus security standards. Only supported operating systems and applications may be used on campus-owed computers. Systems that cannot run vendor-supported operating systems and/or applications are considered obsolete. Obsolete systems must be replaced or returned to CIT for proper disposal or removed from the network.

Returning equipment to CIT

CIT is responsible for recouping computer equipment from personnel and/or departments. For primary devices, computers, and peripherals are typically collected when a new one is received. Shared-use computers within departments are replaced at the department's discretion.

Items that CIT will collect include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Computers (laptop, desktop, or tablet)

  • Mobile devices (iPads, Surfaces, etc.)

  • Power adapters and cables

  • Audio/Video adapters

  • Ethernet adapters

  • Docking stations

  • USB hubs

It is mandatory for a computer's power adapters and audio/visual adapter to be returned with the computer. If an employee desires to own a second power adapter or A/V adapter for home or office use, CIT will supply a quote, and the department can purchase it.