CIT Student Job Opportunities

About CIT Student Employment

This page lists and describes all the student employee positions staffed by Computing & Information Technology (CIT).

Visit the CIT Job Opportunities page to view and apply for open student employee positions. Student employees must have full-time student status at Geneseo. Summer employees must be full-time students in the semesters preceding and following the break.

CIT Student Positions

CIT HelpDesk

Students who work at the CIT HelpDesk in Milne Library support the computing needs of all members of the campus community. Their primary focus is providing assistance in our computer labs and troubleshooting problems with student owned computers, but their job stretches across a wide range of computing topics including both software and hardware related issues. They are expected to have a working knowledge of Macintosh OS, Windows, and mobile devices. Techs are expected to attend training at the beginning of each semester as well as attend staff meetings held every month. Apply online at:

Stage Manager (Wadsworth Auditorium/Doty Hall)

Facilitate the use of the venue and its systems for the music department and others. Ensure that lights are on and the space is safe for use (paths are clear, well-lit, etc.). Provide technical support for rehearsals, including audio and projection. Maintain order by properly storing and securing equipment. Make sure that lights and other systems are off and the venue is vacated and locked before leaving (professor may stay behind). Report issues and actionable items such as blown lamps, damaged cables, etc. at the end of shift.

Database Programmer

Student database programmers work with CIT's Information Systems group to develop, modify and test Banner applications, including KnightWeb. Ideal applicants would have some familiarity with computer databases such as Microsoft Access and at least one programming language. Student database programmers will be required to complete introductory Oracle computer-based training modules as part of their early job duties. Additional training will be provided by professional staff as needed.

Technical Support Assistant (TSA)

Technical Support Assistants (TSA) are students who work directly with CIT's professional distributed support staff. They will provide one-on-one assistance to campus faculty and staff. Applicants should be comfortable with a wide variety of computer software and with the installation and configuration of new computers. Special consideration for these positions will be given to current CIT student employees.

To learn more about the role and apply, see the TSA posting on Handshake.

Network Assistant

Network Assistants work with the campus Network Staff in maintaining and enhancing the structure and security of the campus network. These employees need to be familiar with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Network assistants facilitate the activation of new network connections and deployment of WiFi transmitters whenever the network expands, and will be expected to terminate copper cable, as well as configure and install network electronics. Responsibilities include Linux system administration, web programming, and experimentation with new Linux and Windows based software. Network assistants may occasionally be asked to work on weekends, evenings, or early mornings, whichever is necessary to avoid disrupting the campus community. Training will be provided. Apply online at:

Information Security Assistant

An Information Security Assistant will work with the information security team to develop, test, and coordinate security awareness materials and activities. The Information Security Assistant will help develop social media campaigns to complement security awareness events. This position may also assist in triaging security alerts and tracking vulnerability remediation activities. Applicants should have attention to detail, strong communication skills, and willingness to learn new skills. Information security assistants may occasionally be asked to work evenings to help facilitate awareness events. Apply online at:

Document Accessibility Assistant

A Document Accessibility Assistant is responsible for reviewing existing Geneseo documents and updating them to meet the needs of people with different types of disabilities. This position works closely with the Educational Technology team of CIT, as well as with document authors across the campus. Applicants should have strong written communication skills and attention to detail. This position will make extensive use of Adobe Acrobat Pro, as well as MS Office products, Google Drive, and InDesign. Training will be provided to recognize and remediate accessibility concerns and use the software programs as needed. 

Web Accessibility Intern

The Web Accessibility Intern is responsible for identifying and correcting accessibility issues on the Geneseo campus website.  The person will also help coordinate and support the efforts of other campus members to participate in this activity. This position must learn and understand the concepts and applications needed to correct accessibility issues. This would include web accessibility concepts, editing web pages via the campus Drupal content management system, basic web page technical concepts (e.g. HTML, images, etc.), use of accessibility scanning tools, and assistive technology such as screen and text readers. Training will be provided for any gaps that are identified. The person would be responsible for completing the training and mastering the concepts.

Web Assistant

Web Assistants work with the campus Web Development Professionals in building and maintaining campus websites. This entails designing and implementing both academic and non-academic web pages. Applicants should possess strong verbal and written communication skills. They should have strong computer skills and be able to explain and teach web page concepts to others. Applicants will be expected to possess or develop knowledge of web page technologies including web content management systems, web related software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop), HTML, CSS, Javascript, digital images (gif, jpg, etc), and various media types (e.g. pdf, flash). Note that this position does not necessarily require programming skills. It is focused primarily on web page design.

Geneseo Experimental Space Technical Assistant

Geneseo Experimental Space Technical Assistants are the campus experts on 3D printing and provide support to visitors of the Geneseo Experimental Space facility in South Hall. They area also responsible for developing creative ways to create awareness of the facility (posters, CAS napkin holders, “page for Milne CIT HelpDesk display”, etc.) They also write self-help documentation when needed. They keep the inventory of supplies and submit requests for purchases. They work with CIT professional staff is managing the software needed to 3D print and developing policies for the use of the lab.