Outgoing Faculty and Staff Access Changes

Help page for employees who are leaving Geneseo.


Your Geneseo email account will expire immediately after you leave the College payroll. You will not receive an email notification before this actually occurs. Retirees can request to keep their Geneseo account via the CIT HelpDesk.

It is recommended that you create a new email account to use before this occurs. There are many free web-based email providers to choose from, and most Internet Service Providers offer email accounts to their customers. Geneseo provides a few options to make this transition easier. You can set up email forwarding. This will send any emails sent to your Geneseo account to any account you specify. You can set up a vacation auto-reply. This sends a message that you can put your new email address into.

Any email that is still saved on your Geneseo email account will not automatically be forwarded. You will need to manually forward any messages you wish to keep to your new email address. If you have an email client (such as Thunderbird or Mac Mail) set up to get your mail through our IMAP server, you can drag the server folders to your personal computer.

Network Storage

Like email, any files that you have saved to our servers will be deleted after you leave Geneseo. Please be sure to back up any of this data that you wish to keep before leaving campus. If you would like help with this process, please contact the CIT HelpDesk in South Hall 225.


Faculty currently retain access to KnightWeb indefinitely. However, this could change at a later date.

Learning Management System

Faculty and staff lose access to the LMS (myCourses / Canvas) after they leave the college payroll. Faculty are responsible for exporting any course content they want to retain prior to leaving the payroll.

Geneseo Licensed Software

Any software listed as Academic Software on http://software.geneseo.edu/ is available only to current employees. You must remove this software upon leaving the College. You can do this by going to Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel on a Windows computer. Retirees are not eligible to install any Geneseo-licensed software on their personal devices.