Student Access Computer Labs

This is the Computing Information & Technology policy on computer labs, funded in whole or part by SCAP and Technology Fee, for the purpose of instruction or instructional support. These policies apply to both physical and virtual computing resources where appropriate. Student Access Computer Labs and Classrooms are provided principally for the use of current students and secondarily for faculty who are instructing students. All users of these facilities must adhere by the Acceptable Use Policy.


Student Access Computer Spaces will be configured with limited access rights for students and faculty. Authentication to Student Access Computers will be limited to Student, Faculty & Staff accounts, other accounts may be evaluated by CIT on an individual basis for specific locations. Users may not install their own software, nor can they access the data of other users on the computer. Administrative rights may be granted for specific instructional reasons, or for certain staff members for maintenance purposes.

Data Retention

There should be no expectation of data retention on computer lab machines. Certain locations may have space devoted to coursework on the local machine. Such space should not be considered private, may be deleted at any time, and any data placed there should be backed up to another location.

Hardware Replacement

Hardware in the computer labs is evaluated for replacement on a four year cycle. Requests are made by the departments to have the lab computers upgraded and such requests will be reviewed by the Technology Fee Committee.

Extended logins

CIT reserves the right to disconnect idle users after a period of inactivity.


While CIT will take reasonable measures to safeguard your privacy, data should neither be considered secure nor private on general access computers. CIT strongly recommends against accessing any personally identifiable or confidential information on student access computers.


Computer labs will be scheduled to be re-imaged annually. Labs may also be re-imaged for maintenance or update purposes as needed.


Unscheduled updates and re-imaging of locations may occur on an as-needed basis. Location availability will be verified through the Campus Scheduling and Events event calendaring system.


CIT maintains lists of software that is installed on all computer labs and anything specific to designated locations. New software packages should be requested within two weeks of the end of spring semester to be included on the campus lab images. Software requested at other times will be reviewed by the Desktop Services team and implemented as quickly as the software licensing and technical requirements allow. Expect a two-week turnaround time for most location specific deployments.

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Craig Moscicki
Director of Systems & Identity and Access Management