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Glenn Geiser-Getz

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Portrait of Glenn Geiser-Getz

Dr. Geiser-Getz was hired in 2018 as our new Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. During the course of his career, he has accumulated thirty years of experience. From his twenty-one years of teaching positions to a prestigious Fulbright fellowship, Dr. Geiser-Getz has traveled the world and broadened his horizons through leadership and education. Not only has Dr. Geiser-Getz studied and taught in multiple universities around the world, he has also had the privilege of holding positions of leadership at multiple universities including East Stroudsburg University, Keene State College, and the Chancellor’s Office of the Pennsylvanian State System of Higher Education. Here at SUNY Geneseo, Dr. Geiser-Getz works to support faculty success by coordinating hiring processes and assisting the staff “every step of the way.” He strives to support faculty development as well as program budgets and research trips. He may have teaching opportunities in the Department of Communication as a result of his position. He has appreciated some engagement with the department during his time here. If he did have the opportunity to teach, he would enjoy teaching courses related to intercultural communication and media criticism.
Fun fact: Dr. Geiser-Getz also plays the ukulele!