Lee M. Pierce

Assistant Professor
Blake B 117
(585) 245-6333
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Office Hours Spring 2019


3:45 pm to 4:30 pm

Or by appointment



  • COMN 102: Principles of Public Speaking

    Basic public speaking is the focus of the course. Emphasis is placed on researching topics, organizing speeches, using appropriate language, effective delivery, and critical listening. Instructors analyze student speeches.

  • COMN 103: S/Intr to Interpersonal Commun

    This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge about communication theory and practice. It creates an awareness of the role communication plays in our interpersonal relationships. Students will be introduced to basic models, definitions, and approaches to interpersonal communication. Some areas presented include perception, self-concept, self-disclosure, conflict, verbal and nonverbal communication, and ways for improving communication competence.

  • COMN 356: AdvIs-CrtSt:Rhetoric ofStandup

    This course focuses on a topic or related group of topics relevant to critical studies. Research in the area of critical studies will be applied and discussed. The course may integrate both theories and practical applications. May be taken twice for credit but only under different subtitles. Prerequisites: COMN 102, 103, and 160. Credits: 3(3-0) Offered at least once yearly.

  • JOUR 288: Ex:Lamron Staff Wrtg Pract-Rec
  • JOUR 288: Ex:Lamron Staff Wrtg Prac-Lec