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Academic Peer Mentors

Come visit our Academic Peer Mentors!

Let’s face it, being a student at Geneseo is hard. There’s a lot that is expected of you. In addition to classes, there are clubs, sports, organizations, intramurals, on campus and off campus jobs all vying for your attention. Never mind trying to make friends and have a social life! Balancing all of the opportunities available isn’t always easy to do. That’s where an Academic Peer Mentor can help!

An Academic Peer Mentor is a current upper level student at Geneseo, who has demonstrated an ability to learn, grow, and succeed in areas relating to academic and collegiate success. From study strategies to utilizing Degreeworks, an Academic Peer Mentor has received training in these areas and has been asked to draw on their own experiences to help their peers navigate Geneseo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I meet with an Academic Peer Mentor?
    1. Email to set up an appointment
  1. What if I have a specific question about class content?
    1. Academic Peer Mentors are not tutors but are a valuable resource to teach you skills and to expose you to new study techniques that can help you learn the material for those challenging classes. Be sure to bring your notes and specific questions and they’ll help you put together a practical study plan to get the work done. Additionally, the Academic Peer Mentors can show you how to access all of the in-person and online tutoring resources Geneseo offers.
  1. Will the Academic Peer Mentor tell my professors that I met with them?
    1. No! An appointment with an Academic Peer Mentor is completely confidential and private, an APM will never reveal to a professor, coach, RA, parent or peer who made an appointment.

Meet our Academic Peer Mentors!

ALI COGGINS (Class of 2020)

Major: History     Minors: Medieval Studies & Linguistics

Hi all! My name is Ali Coggins, and I am a senior History Major with Medieval Studies and Linguistics minors! Over the summer I was a humanities TA at MIT and I am a Latin TA on campus this semester. If you have any questions regarding majors/minors, study strategies, time management skills, writing advice, or if you have any concerns about not having enough time to take care of yourself and your involvements, please feel free to stop into my office hours, I'd love to chat and see if I can help!

Ali Coggins

CAROLYN FELICE (Class of 2020)

Major: History & French     Minor: Women & Gender Studies

II am a senior who, in addition to being an APM, is working on an honors thesis in medieval women's history, works on a local campaign, and was a legal intern with the NYS Division of Human Rights page. I’m also member of RLK. I studied abroad in Spring 2018 at Trinity College Dublin. I’m passionate about social justice, travel, Geneseo, and good study habits!


NIKI LAM (Class of 2020)

Major: Psychology     Minors: Cognitive Science & Sociomedical Sciences

Hi, I’m Niki and I’m a senior psychology major with a double minor in cognitive and sociomedical sciences. I am part of the psychology club and the psychology honors society eboard (Psi Chi). Feel free to come in with your academic troubles and I’ll do my best to help!


JACK TATE (Class of 2019)

Major: Psychology & Sociology     Minor: Conflict Studies/Conflict Management

I can be found pretty much everywhere all over campus. I’m a campus tour guide! If I’m not walking backwards, I’m usually spending my time at concerts, petting cats, on twitter or napping in Bailey Hall. Talk to me about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, any kind of music (except country!) and food and you'll soon be deep in conversation. I also work in a psychology research lab, study the history of the death penalty, and am a member of both the psychology and sociology clubs’ executive boards.


Academic Peer Mentors host workshops, too!

Consider inviting peer mentors to your next club meeting or residence hall event. They can customize workshops to fit your group. Workshops we can offer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Setting and exceeding academic goals
  2. Bouncing back: Developing a growth mindset when academic setbacks occur
  3. Beyond re-reading the textbook: Effective study strategies to ace that next exam
  4. Overcoming procrastination
  5. Study smarter, not harder

To schedule a session, please contact: