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Academic Peer Mentors

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Let’s face it, being a student at Geneseo is hard. There’s a lot that is expected of you. In addition to classes, there are clubs, sports, organizations, intramurals, on campus and off campus jobs all vying for your attention. Never mind trying to make friends and have a social life! Balancing all of the opportunities available isn’t always easy to do. That’s where an Academic Peer Mentor can help!

An Academic Peer Mentor is a current upper level student at Geneseo, who has demonstrated an ability to learn, grow, and succeed in areas relating to academic and collegiate success. From study strategies to utilizing Degree Works, an Academic Peer Mentor has received training in these areas and has been asked to draw on their own experiences to help their peers navigate Geneseo.

Apply to be an Academic Peer Mentor!

Apply to be an Academic Peer Mentor in the Office of Academic Planning and Advising! The job of an Academic Peer Mentor includes teaching students HOW to learn better (by practicing research-supported study techniques), helping them learn how to schedule their tasks, motivate themselves to get work done, and connect with other resources on campus. 

See the application to view all of the qualifications we're looking for and the responsibilities of an Academic Peer Mentor. 


NEW! APM Workshops 

Click on the Workshops to learn tips and techniques for registering for classes and other success strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I meet with an Academic Peer Mentor?
    1. Virtual appointments with APMs are available. Follow these directions to schedule an appointment or look for Drop in Hours.
  1. What if I have a specific question about class content?
    1. Academic Peer Mentors are not tutors but are a valuable resource to teach you skills and to expose you to new study techniques that can help you learn the material for those challenging classes. Be sure to bring your notes and specific questions and they’ll help you put together a practical study plan to get the work done. Additionally, the Academic Peer Mentors can show you how to access all of the in-person and online tutoring resources Geneseo offers.
  1. Will the Academic Peer Mentor tell my professors that I met with them?
    1. No! An appointment with an Academic Peer Mentor is completely confidential and private, an APM will never reveal to a professor, coach, RA, parent or peer who made an appointment.
  2. How to I contact APMs by email? Email

Meet our Academic Peer Mentors!         

MALLAIGH ASHTON (Class of 2021)

Major: Anthropology 

Hi there! I’m Mallaigh, a senior Anthropology major here at Geneseo. I’m from Queens, and on campus, I’m currently involved in the sorority RLK, the community service fraternity APO, and the beekeeping club! I’m especially passionate about broadening Geneseo students’ involvement in community service projects and I love creating music. I am more than willing to help students build their analytical and research writing skills, and to assist forming study habits for the social sciences.

Mallaigh Ashton

JACOB REID (Class of 2022)

Major: Political Science    Minors: College Honors Program

Hello! I am Jacob, and I am an out-of-state junior Political Science Major and College Honors Minor. I am an Assistant Resident Director with Geneseo Residence Life, President of the Geneseo Chapter of NRHH, and an attendee of many of the other clubs we have on campus! I enjoy hiking, cartoons/anime, politics, and TikTok. If you ever want to talk to me about any of that or if you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding majors/minors, study habit tips, balancing being a full-time student with being a full-time human, or anything else related to your academic success, stop by my office hours or set up an appointment to talk and see what we can do!

Jacob Reid


EMMA JANUSZ (Class of 2021)

Major: Business Administration         Minor: Marketing

Hi everyone! I am Emma, a senior business administration major and marketing minor.  When I’m not at work or doing my homework, you can probably find me baking or making a new Spotify playlist.  I have also been in RLK since my sophomore year.  Feel free to make an appointment with me, I would love to help you with any of your academic troubles! 

 Emma Janusz


MEGAN WILLISON (Class of 2022) 

Major: Adolescence Education: History

Hi friends! My name is Megan and in addition to being an APM, I am a member of Orchesis, which is a dance club on campus. If you have any questions about academics here at Geneseo, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or drop by our office!

Megan Willison


DANNY VASBINDER (Class of 2022)
Majors: History and Political Science

Hi, I’m Danny, a Junior History and Political Science double major. On campus, I am involved with APO and enjoy emptying my wallet at Bar-Eat-O.  I came to Geneseo as a transfer and would love to talk those in the same boat about making the adjustment, or just discuss why the Bills are definitely going to win the Superbowl (this is their year!). Please feel comfortable to schedule an appointment or stop by during open hours. I’ll do my best to help you in whatever way I can.

Danny Vasbinder


LEXI HORTON (Class of 2021)

Major: Psychology

Hi, I’m Lexi a senior psychology major on a pre-law track. After finishing school I plan to work with assistance programs for human trafficking victims. Before becoming an APM, I have worked in the DAPA office as a work study student since freshman year! I am also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. I love hiking and being outdoors! 


Lexi Horton

Academic Peer Mentors host workshops, too!

Consider inviting peer mentors to your next club meeting or residence hall event. They can customize workshops to fit your group. Workshops we can offer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Setting and exceeding academic goals
  2. Bouncing back: Developing a growth mindset when academic setbacks occur
  3. Beyond re-reading the textbook: Effective study strategies to ace that next exam
  4. Overcoming procrastination
  5. Study smarter, not harder

To schedule a session, please contact:

Accessibility Advocates:

The Accessibility Advocates offer peer support and academic mentoring specifically for students with disabilities or those who need academic accommodations.  

Grace McMahon is available to meet with students remotely  to discuss time-management, studying, accessing accommodations, and general wellbeing.

Email, and Grace will get back to you to schedule an appointment via Google Hangouts.