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New Students Spring 2021 FAQs

Registering for classes? We've got you covered.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions from new students about registration. These answers have been updated for students starting during the Spring 2021 semester. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding this process by calling 585-245-5541. We are excited that you will be joining us and look forward to supporting you on your academic journey.

When do I register for classes & how will I know what classes to take?

Geneseo reserves seats in courses for incoming transfer students to ensure you have access to the courses required in the necessary timeline for completing your degree. Reserved seats are set aside for new students and not available for current students.

In order to register for reserved seats, faculty advisors in the Office of Academic Planning & Advising will work with you (new students) via phone and your Geneseo email account to prepare a draft schedule for your first semester on campus. Upon building your schedule, our advisors will contact you to discuss questions or concerns you may have. Make sure you are accessing your Geneseo email account regularly.

Students will be registered for classes in the order in which they sign up in the registration queue.

In future semesters you will have the opportunity to select your courses and register yourself in consultation with your faculty advisor.

What do I do if I want to make changes to my schedule?

Advisors make your first schedule for you because they are aware of college and program requirements, so we think you'll do well with the schedule they construct.  We know, however, that several reasons warrant the need to add or drop classes. These might include change of major, repeat coursework, family/childcare/work obligations, Division III sports, etc. For major changes, please contact your registration-advisor.  You will be able to make small tweaks -- a different section of a class, a preferred topic or alternate General Education course--during the add/drop period in the first week of classes.

We strongly advise that new students not make significant changes to their schedules without consulting an advisor or the Office of Academic Planning & Advising. Your first Geneseo schedule may include prerequisite courses for upper-level study or access to courses offered on a rotating basis.

What if I need or want a particular instructional mode -- face-to-face, hybrid, or online?

Please add this information to the Registration info form sent you by New Student Programs. Advisors will let you know if the instructional mode you request is available. If you need to make changes after you receive a schedule, contact the registration-advisor who composed your spring schedule. The Office of Academic Planning & Advising (DAPA) is available to assist you prior to open registration for scheduling assistance based on the format of course delivery. Appointments are made online -- follow these directions.

Students will also have the opportunity to adjust their schedules themselves during the add/drop period in the first week of classes: Monday, February 1st- Sunday, February 7th. We urge you to consult with the DAPA office to make sure the changes you want to make are right for your degree program.

For additional information, please also see the How to Register and Master Schedule pages of the Office of the Registrar website

I earned college credits during high school -- do they count?

High school students earn college credits in a variety of ways, and most count toward your degree program in one of three categories: general elective, General Education, and major requirements. The transfer articulation data bank will help you see how a course earned through another college transfers to Geneseo. If you don't see your course listed, an academic advisor will be articulating it once Geneseo receives your official transcript.

Advanced Placement Credits and International Baccalaureate credits depend upon the score you earned: again, some provide general elective credit, some provide General Education credit, and some count as courses toward the major. Geneseo accepts credits through CLEP only if you take a CLEP exam prior to matriculating at the College.

Please read the "all students" reminders about having your final transcripts and test scores sent to Geneseo. You can learn more about transferring "pre-college" credits on the Academic Planning & Advising website 

What do I need to do to prepare for registration?

Please complete the Course Registration Survey (New Student Programs will send you a link). Completion of the survey will place you in a queue to have your schedule prepared by faculty advisors in the Office of Academic Planning & Advising. Send final copies of your official transcripts, complete with grades, to SUNY Geneseo’s Admissions Office. This includes:

  • Previous college credit.
  • College credit received through high school courses.
  • Your high school transcript and AP test scores. AP scores should be submitted to SUNY Geneseo directly through the College Board.

Please note: SUNY Geneseo requires an official transcript (complete with final grades) from each college where you've received credit, even if you "attended" the course through your high school. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Planning & Advising at 585-245-5541.

How can I find out how my credits have transferred in?

You can view your current transfer credits by logging into your DegreeWorks account. Prior coursework that has been entered into the system will display on your account. Courses that have not been articulated and those we have not received final transcripts for will not be reflected on DegreeWorks.

To access your DegreeWorks account, please go to and select “DegreeWorks” (green tile with a white check). Further directions are provided in the communication you received by the Office of New Student Programs.

Transfer students who have not yet accepted their offer to attend Geneseo should contact the Office of Admissions at: 585-245-5571 to speak with a transfer admissions counselor.

How can I meet with an academic advisor before classes begin?

A core group of advisors working through the office of Academic Planning & Advising will be preparing your spring schedule.  This first-registration advisor will contact you to discuss your schedule and you'll have an opportunity to have a Zoom or phone appointment.  Although some spring schedules will be prepared in December, most schedules for new students will be created in the first three weeks of January.  

When will I meet my academic advisor?

You will be assigned a faculty advisor in your major within the first three weeks of the semester. This information will be posted to your Knightweb ( account when your faculty advisor is assigned.

If you have not selected a major, you will be matched with a faculty advisor who specializes in helping students think about choosing an academic direction. Upon choosing a major you will be reassigned to a faculty advisor in your new department.