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Pre-Graduation Checks


10-item checklist for Graduation


Graduation Check Appointment with your Academic Advisor

Beginning in the fall 2020, we are consolidating "junior" and "senior" pre-grad checks into one pre-graduation check.  Pre-grad checks will be required when a student reaches at least 75 credits AND 75% degree completion.

These audit checks are put in place to ensure that a student understands precisely what graduation requirements remain to be fulfilled. The student’s Degree Works record is the basis for this audit. Students and advisors can access this form any time using KnightWeb to confirm the record of student progress toward the degree—and we encourage students to keep a close check on their Degree Works reports. A hold is placed on student's account when there's a pending graduation check which is removed by the advisor when the graduation check is completed. Students bear the responsibility for tracking their progress toward graduation and for fulfilling all requirements.