Breaking the Chain of Infection

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James R. Favor & Co, fraternal insurance brokers, have partnered with a consulting firm that specializes in public health and together they have created Breaking the Chain of Infection - Guidance for a Healthful Living Environment for Fraternity & Sorority Chapters and operating procedures for fraternity and sorority chapters and house corporations (see page bottom).

While the guidance provided in the document is directed towards fraternal organization, all off-campus residents and landlords might find it useful during these times.

Breaking the Chain

Quick Reference Guide for use with the Breaking the Chain of Infection Guide created by Sigma Alpha Epsilon (off-site link)

Reducing Risk With Common Sense

Living in fraternity or sorority chapter facilities, as with any communal living arrangement on college campuses, carries some risk of contracting pandemic diseases as well as common seasonal illnesses, such as flu. There are many activities that, if incorporated into daily habits, can improve healthy living conditions for fraternity and sorority chapters. Knowing how illnesses are spread, and understanding the preventative steps needed to break the chain of infection, can help fraternity and sorority members avoid contracting and preventing the transmission of infectious diseases to others. These activities can be applied to prevent transmission of common viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that could result in disease. By employing common sense and practicing some simple measures, chapter facilities can remain safe and healthy for everyone that lives-in or simply visits the premises.

Form Positive Habits

Creating and maintaining a healthy chapter facility environment will require a disciplined and sustained commitment by all members. Unfortunately, college life for students today can no·longer be care-free and business as usual without the fear of contracting a serious life-threatening disease. It is critical that all students form positive habits to help protect you and those around you and in your community, and to be sure to follow all mandates and recommendations of your local, state, and federal public health agencies.

Take Responsible Actions

James R. Favor & Company, LLC has provided this manual intended to provide some basic guidance for fraternal chapters to help prevent the transmission of contagious diseases to members and guests. Please read and review this manual carefully as this publication also provides practical and helpful measures and steps that individual members can take themselves to reduce their chance of contracting a disease. The goal is to create a healthy environment for everyone that ever resides in or visits the chapter facility. It is critically important that fraternity/ sorority members and guests strive to be responsible in their actions and practices and do their part to also help prevent the transmission of diseases to people they encounter while away from the chapter facility whether it be in the classroom, at an athletic event, riding in mass transportation, shopping, or enjoying time with your friends.

Follow Expert Advice

The information contained in this publication was written by public health experts based on the latest and best scientific and medical infectious disease information available at the time of printing. We hope you find it to be a resourceful tool to help maintain the good health and welfare of your fraternity and sorority members and for all those in which you come into contact.

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