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Mission Statement

The Discovery Cafe supports the betterment of society by using trust-building events to facilitate mutually engaging connections between scientists, researchers, and Western New Yorkers.

Guiding Principles

The Discovery Cafe embraces the following values in its commitment to the betterment of society:

  • Community; fostering a positive bond between groups of individuals to support progress towards common goals;
  • Diversity; reaching out to a broad audience while creating an environment of respect for difference;
  • Sustainability; acknowledging the need for and taking steps to adopt sustainable practices;
  • Transparency; disseminating knowledge about, and encouraging the critical analysis of, publically-funded research.


Fulfilling the vision of SUNY Geneseo President Dr. Denise A. Battles, the Discovery Cafe was created with the financial support of a Student Ambassadorship during the summer of 2017. The event is based on the "Science Café" model which aims to connect science with society. More information about this model can be found here


Picture of Patrick Buckley

Patrick Buckley

Biochemistry Student at SUNY Geneseo
James Houston ’80 Ambassador in Innovation
Undergraduate Research Assistant





A copy of our mission statement and guiding principles can be found below:

About the Discovery Cafe.pdf (395.5 KB)