Cultivating Community

About the Series

Cultivating Community is a dialogue series that seeks to foster connection through talk and listening about topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

Fall Dialogues

Cultivating (a better) Community: Do Better to Be Better

In support of the College’s values for learning, creativity, belonging, civic responsibility, and sustainability, the President’s Commission on Diversity and Community will host Cultivating Community dialogues on September 23 and November 9 from 2:00-3:15 pm to identify ways to use the insight gained from the most recent student climate study to cultivate a better community. 

Sharing the goal of betterment, the series will experiment with a new format that will utilize talking and listening circles. We are excited to announce that on September 23, Diversity and Inclusion Community Educators and members of the Intergroup Dialogue Program will populate the talking circle. Skilled in alliance building and action planning, and committed to positive change-making, these students are positioned well to catalyze conversation, reflection, and forward-thinking.

We welcome all members of the campus community to join the listening circle. 

Throughout the event, all participants will have the opportunity to engage with others. The event will be organized into four parts. 

Part 1: Welcome, Event Description, Overview

Part 2: First Dialogue Prompt Followed by Participant Reflection and Connection

Part 3: Second Dialogue Prompt Followed by Participant Reflection and Connection

Part 4: Action Planning

To help us plan an appropriate number of seats, please register below.

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      Meredith Harrigan, professor of communication, and series co-coordinator
      Phone: (585) 245-6331

      robbie routenberg, chief diversity officer, and series co-coordinator
      Phone: (585) 245-5020